Attendees bowing their heads during the two-minute silence for the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War

Two-minute silence

On Armistice Day we invite the nation to pause for a two-minute silence, and reflect on the service and sacrifices the Armed Forces make on our behalf. 

Armistice Day has been observed every year since 1919 with a two-minute silence.  

Held each year at 11am on 11 November, the silence coincides with the time in 1918 at which the First World War came to an end and is observed at war memorials and in public places throughout the UK and Commonwealth.

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Remembrance Sunday

As well as standing together in Remembrance on 11 November, we also observe a two-minute silence at 11am on Remembrance Sunday.
Remembrance Events

Supporting Remembrance 

The Royal British Legion supports Remembrance events across the UK and we encourage local and regional communities to produce Remembrance commemorations of their own. 

Resources for your act of Remembrance

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Pause for the two-minute silence

In real life 
We can't rewind 
We can't fast forward 
But we can pause 

Imagine never knowing what to expect, 
Or when you'll next see your relatives again. 
Imagine feeling uprooted, uncertain,  unstable, 
Longing to sit with your loved ones at the dinner table

No promise of a return to normal 
Imagine these fears lasting for years 
This is life 
For those on the frontline 
Not just back then. It's happening today. 

Their sacrifices help to keep us all safe

So that's why we pause. And say... 
Thank you. 

This November 
We'll stand together 
Like we do every year. 
A chorus of thunderous silence 
Two minutes to remind us 
Of those who look fear in the eye 
And say 
No. I choose hope 

A soft song that grows 
Listen carefully, 
Can you hear it inside your home? 
A quiet belief in something better 
It brings us together 
It lives in the hearts of those who serve 

On testing sites 
And posts overseas 
In every message and picture sent to families 

The hope for a better future 
Let's take just two minutes to pause,  
And remember. 


What is Armistice Day?

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