Congratulations to our poetry winners!

See how our winners brought Thank You to life in their poetry.


1st place - Nicole Zheng

Still Remembered, Never Forgotten

They marched for freedom,
They marched for joy,
They did it for their country,
The one some left behind.

Some of them lie,
In a beautiful place,
Some of them lie,
In a warm, cosy grave.

Wherever they are and,
Whatever they did,
We have to thank them,
For the world as it is.

They marched for us,
Leaving families behind.
They fought for us,
Knowing they could die.

They fought for valour,
For bravery and joy,
They fought for their girls,
And they fought for their boys.

The lush, red poppies,
That grow in the field,
Are a symbol of sacrifice,
Of those who didn’t yield.

We are thankful to them,
And thankful we’ll stay,
And because of them,
We are here today.

2nd place - Maisy Dabell

Private Henry Orritt Bagshaw (49995)

Private Henry Orritt Bagshaw (49995)
My great, great grandfather and war hero
You served as a field nurse in the 54th Field Ambulance Corps
Leaving your beloved Alice and children behind
You entered the unknown and a crucible of fear
The men in the trenches needed to be rescued
And you were the man sent by God
To save the lives of the helpless wounded
First on the scene giving emergency first aid
The horrors of war unimaginable
Your experiences unfathomable, traumatic and profound
Broken bodies and broken minds terrorised your loving soul
You had an empathetic heart and resilient mind
Active throughout the war despite a personal tragedy
Gassed on the 4th July 1916
With pain all over your body you never gave up
Finally demobilised in 1919
Reunited with your family once again
Always in our hearts and never forgotten – thank you.

This poem is dedicated to Henry Orritt Bagshaw who died on 23rd December 1921 aged 37 years from complications associated with being gassed in the Battle of the Somme. The poem was inspired by Trench Warfare by Roger Stevens.

Henry Orritt Bagshaw was my great, great grandfather and I am very proud of him. He served in the Royal Medical Corps and went to the Somme with the 54th Ambulance Corps attached to the 18th Division.

3rd place - Lily Morris

Thank you

What would I say to the selfless women who gave up so much for us?
Working for every hour of daylight
Toiling tirelessly
Constantly creating bombs and enormous guns
Canary girls
Wiping blood, sweat and tears from their poisoned faces
Thank you for giving birth to a generation of women’s suffrage
In the eyes of our world you are like angels descending form heaven saving the world
For that I would say thank you

What would I say to the animals that were working for the good
Not knowing what they have bought themselves into?
The glow-worms that have helped soldiers to see the light
Dogs and pigeons sending messages at the speed of light
Elephants and horses for transport and help with the war
For that I would say thank you

What would I say to those all over the globe answering the call from far and wide?
Making friendships
The next generations freedom
I would say thank you – thank you for without you there would be no me


1st place - Lucy Attrill

Thank you

You grew up too fast,
Age twelve you were dumped in a factory,
When you should have been in class.
You missed out on education,
For the good of our world today,
Instead, you had to make weapons,
That’s a debt we can’t repay.

Thank you.
You left your life behind,
Your wife, your children, everything,
But your luck was not so kind.
If you hadn’t given your life in France,
If you hadn’t stepped on that train,
Your boys might have had a father,
But our world might not be the same.

So, to everyone whose life was lost,
Or ruined, or halted or messed,
You all deserve more thanks than you got,
You all deserve the best.

Thank you.

2nd place - Megan Cornelius

Thank you all

Thank you all,
It may have been said a million times before,
But I’ll say again,
Thank you,
Thank you to the soldiers,
Valiant men marching forward,
Many fell so we could stand,
And stand we will in your memory,
Thank you,
Thank you to the women,
Who worked the land,
Drove our buses and our trams,
They could do it,
And they did,
Thank you,
Thank you to the children,
Who played their part,
Collecting pots, pans and tins,
In their carts,
For being brave,
And living somewhere strange,
Thank you,
Thank you for the memories you left behind,
Hopes for the future,
With dreams of the past,
Maybe a world in peace at last,
Thank you

3rd place - Sophia Wigley

I think of our country

I think of our country, 2018,
Diverse, colourful, accepting.
People from all over the country, the commonwealth, the world
Meeting each other,
Greeting old friends,
Admiring one another,
Inspiring all around us,
Many minds working as one,
It is a place I am proud to call home.

Every person in our country,
From wherever they are,
Has built this beautiful place,
Yet we must never forget,
The people who didn’t only
Design, develop and build our home,
But fought for it.
Defended it, and supported those in it.
To every woman who worked in a factory,
Every child that helped their family,
To the soldiers that fought bravely,
All the countries working side by side,
Thank you


1st place - Lilliemae Reid

For Everyone We Stand

For everyone who isn’t remembered,
For everyone who is remembered,
For every young boy who left just to fight,
For every man who couldn’t see the light,
For every woman that took on what she knew she couldn’t handle,
For every young child that lived in fright,
For everyone who fought the fight.

We stand for everyone,
Because thanks to them we stand,v We stand for remembrance,
Because the remembrance is the only thanks,
We stand for them.
The men, boys, women, girls who fought for us,
Fought for our future.
Fought for our country.
Fought for a chance.

We thank you with all our hearts,
May you be remembered,
For ever more.

2nd place - Lucas Gowen

To Great Grandad Gowen

With your child and wife
In mind you fought.

With hope that peace would spread
Across the globe.
You fought.

You fought for your country
You fought for your family
You fought for the world.

Thank you for everything you did,
Rest well knowing we lead
Our lives
Because of your sacrifice.

Rest well…
Your Great Grandchild.

3rd place - Mikhail Andreevich Shevchenko

Words of thanks to the nurses

My “thank you” is to the sisters of mercy,
who sacrificed their health and life
on the fields of the first world war.
Most of them are unknown as well as their deeds,
but they will always live in our memories.

Let us close our eyes and imagine
the times when the brave nurses worked.
Dirt, blood, gases, wounded soldiers,
lack of places for hospitals…. but they
still had to work and to save people`s lives.

Little sisters, was it difficult for you
to get used to amputations?
When you hold a leg or an arm and suddenly become aware of its dead weight
and a part of a human being remains in your hand?
What words did you find to comfort the wounded?

Our “thank you” is to the sisters of mercy
from all dead and alive people, whose descendants
live happily and rarely think of the horrors of war.
Thank you for your strength, your patience,
your braveness and your belief in life!