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Search, filter and download our resources, created in partnership with Girlguiding, Cadets, and Scouts for young people to connect and engage with Remembrance.

Army Cadets

Through case studies, videos and photographs, voices of Army Cadets reflect on what Remembrance means to them, and help you find new ways to remember.

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Army Cadets Remembrance

Explore the past and present of Remembrance, using videos, photos and case studies to inspire Army Cadets as they find new ways to remember this year.

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Navy Cadets

Discover what Remembrance means to Sea Cadets past and present through case studies, photographs and videos.

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RAF Air Cadets

Discover the role of Remembrance in the lives of Air Cadets, and how service and sacrifice unites them across Britain and the Commonwealth.

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RAF Air Cadets Remembrance

Discover how RAF Air Cadets can bring Remembrance to life in new ways this year. Use videos, photos and case studies to explore who, how and why we remember.

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Sea Cadets Remembrance

Explore who, how and why we remember through case studies, videos and photos, and discover how Sea Cadets can help shape Remembrance in the future.

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A group of girlguides

Girlguiding Remembrance activities

Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers can explore what Remembrance means to them.

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Scouts poppy products

Scouts Remembrance activities

These resources explore different ways to take part in Remembrance and build key skills.

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Teaching Remembrance

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