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Our Key Stage 4 teaching materials for 14-16 year old children have been created to build upon their knowledge  and understanding of Remembrance. 

To support this, materials have been created covering the First and Second World Wars along with evergreen Remembrance learning resources. All the content available has been carefully selected to fit the academic, social and emotional requirements of Key Stage 4. 

The resources provided include both lesson plans and school assemblies and allow for debate and discussion around what service and sacrifice means, what types of service and sacrifice there were, and the multitude of different backgrounds of those who served. The materials also support the wider development of the essential skills for the KS4 age group.  

Key Stage 4 Remembrance teaching tools include: 

  • Tools suitable for leading English, History, Geography, Maths, Art and PSHE lessons, all linked to the school curriculum
  • National Literacy Trust approved materials
  • Support and challenge is provided through a range of artistic stimulus, writing and discussion prompts and glossaries
  • First World War lesson plans that look at the experience of JRR Tolkien and how these shaped his future work 
  • Assemblies that provide for school-wide discussion of Remembrance and the different nations and peoples that worked together in the Second World War 
  • PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, glossaries and writing templates
  • All available in Welsh  


Understanding Remembrance

Understanding Remembrance

Remembrance Assemblies

WWII - Working Together

Resources that demonstrate the vital importance of co-operation and comradeship between peoples and nations of all backgrounds during the Second World War, as seen through the prism of three pivotal battles of 1944. 
WWII - Working Together

Working Together Assemblies

WWI - A Generation Who Served, Sacrificed and Changed Our World

Explore the remarkable contributions of this generation of men, women and children, whose work for the war effort continues to impact our lives today.
WWI - A Generation Who Served, Sacrificed and Changed Our World

Tolkien's Experiences

WWI - A Generation Who Served, Sacrificed and Changed Our World

War Photographer

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