Merrythought teddy bear on wall

Merrythought is the UK’s oldest-remaining soft toy manufacturer and is famous for hand-making the classic English teddy bear.

Established in 1930, they’ve been creating exquisite, British-made bears for children and collectors alike, for four generations.

We’ve teamed up to produce a beautiful line of collectable teddy bears, starting with the Royal British Legion Centenary Bear – a jointed, fully-dressed limited edition veteran, complete with replica First and Second World War medals

The Royal British Legion Centenary Bear

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Merrythought’s unique heritage is hugely important to the company today. 

During the Second World War, the British Admiralty took over their Ironbridge factory to produce maps, whilst the Merrythought artisans used their skills to support the war effort, making various textile items, such as chevrons, helmet linings and gas mask bags.

Our partnership is their paying tribute to a part of this rich history, supporting the Armed Forces community once again.

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