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Poppy Appeal

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The Poppy Appeal is almost here, and every poppy makes a difference to the lives of our Armed Forces community.

Remembrance has been part of the fabric of our shared history, and today it continues to unite people across all backgrounds and generations. 100 years on, your support is as vital as ever as the impact of Covid-19 continues to leave some people we support in urgent need of our help. Every person, every donation and every poppy counts.

Poppy Appeal 2021

This year's Poppy Appeal launches on Thursday 28th October. Our amazing team of collectors have been at the heart of the Poppy Appeal for 100 years and, as Covid-19 restrictions ease, they are back in local communities across the United Kingdom to raise vital funds for the Armed Forces community.

We will be offering several ways to donate, including:

  • Cash
  • Contactless terminal
  • QR code

Alternatively, you can find out more below about the various ways to support this year's Poppy Appeal – by donating online, via text or through our other fundraising activities.  

Find your local collector

This year 40,000 volunteers across the country will be collecting donations for the Poppy Appeal.

You can get your poppy whilst shopping in-store or online at Sainsburys, who have been supporting the Poppy Appeal for over 25 years, or shop their range of poppy merchandise, also available in selected stores and online.

Many of the UK's other major supermarkets will also be helping us by distributing poppies in stores, including Tesco, Morrisons, ASDA and Lidl. Morrisons customers can donate at the till as well as online.

Lloyds Bank and Santander customers can also support the Poppy Appeal by visiting their local branch to make a donation.

There are also a number of other ways you can get involved in this year's Poppy Appeal. From taking on a 5k Poppy Run or fundraising through our 11/11 Challenge, to distributing  Poppies in the Post or buying poppy merchandise from our Poppy Shop, there really is something for everyone.

Get involved in this year's Poppy Appeal

Our Poppy Days

Our City Poppy Days are fundraising collection days supported by members of the Armed Forces, all in aid of the Poppy Appeal. The dates for this year's City Poppy Days are as follows:

Please note: These will be subject to any Covid-19 restrictions that may occur at the time.

Other ways to get involved

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Become a Poppy Appeal volunteer

Get involved in this year's Poppy Appeal, from organising fundraising campaigns in your local area to distributing poppies at your local City Poppy Day, because every poppy counts.

Sign up to volunteer

Is my poppy recyclable?

The most effective way to recycle our poppy is to return it to your local Sainsbury’s store after  Armistice Day

Alternatively, the paper and plastic components that make up our poppy can be pulled apart and recycled through some local authority household recycling methods.

You could also wear an enamel poppy pin instead of a paper poppy, and there are a range of alternatives available from our Poppy Shop. You can then choose to make a donation to the Poppy Appeal every year.

We are committed to reducing the amount of single use plastic associated with our Poppy Appeal products. We have already implemented changes that will remove over 8 million items of single use plastic from our 2021 products and will continue to look at ways to further reduce the environmental impact of our Poppy Appeal products.

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