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Every poppy makes a difference to the lives of our Armed Forces community.

Like so many things this year, the Poppy Appeal has had to adapt to the threat of Covid-19. We're calling on the public to support us like never before, because every poppy counts.

As millions of people across the UK are now unable to leave their homes to find a poppy, and with collectors unable to carry out face to face collections, we've unveiled a range of new ways for people to show their support remotely.

From donating for poppies through the post for your neighbours and local community, displaying a poppy in your window, donating online or undertaking a virtual Poppy run, there are many ways to support the Poppy Appeal from home in line with Covid-19 restrictions.

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We want to ensure that everyone can still get their poppy this year

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Poppy Appeal in Wales

Following the announcement by the Welsh Government that further coronavirus restrictions will come into force from Friday 23 October, we have taken the difficult decision to suspend any face to face collections for the Poppy Appeal in Wales.

Throughout our planning the safety of the public, our volunteers, staff and members has been our top priority and we have been working to ensure that all activity is safe and complies with the relevant national regulations.

Despite the absence of collectors in Wales, this year there are more ways than ever for people to get involved from their homes in line with Covid-19 restrictions. 

Other ways to get involved

Is my poppy recyclable?

The most effective way to recycle our poppy is to return it to your local Sainsbury’s store after Armistice Day from 12-26 November.

Alternatively, the paper and plastic components that make up our poppy can be pulled apart and recycled through some local authority household recycling methods.

You could also wear an enamel poppy pin instead of a paper poppy, and there are a range of alternatives available from our Poppy Shop. You can then choose to make a donation to the Poppy Appeal every year.

We are committed to reducing the amount of single use plastic associated with our Poppy Appeal products. We have already implemented changes that will remove over 8 million items of single use plastic from our 2021 products and will continue to look at ways to further reduce the environmental impact of our Poppy Appeal products.

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