How you can say Thank You to the WW1 generation of Armed Forces

By the end of WW1 more than a million British and Empire Forces were among the dead, a further 1.25 million were injured and a fifth were disabled for life.

Four million soldiers returned home to find a shortage of housing and jobs, and a struggling economy. Despite this they brought the same resolve to peace that they had shown in the war, helping to rebuild Britain.

A range of psychological affliction affected many soldiers and nurses on the front line, and others working in the war zone during WW1. Though recognition of the issue grew swiftly among both the military and the public, mistreatment and harsh judgements awaited shell shock victims who displayed its symptoms. 

Read more about the symptoms and treatment of shell shock and about the newspaper ‘The Wipers Times’ created on the front line in the stories on our website.

We want to thank all of those brave men and women who were involved in the First World War and all those who suffered from shell shock as a result.

Here are a few ideas of how you can say Thank You:

  • Visit our website and help us remember all of the fallen from the First World War.
  • Stick the kettle on, have a cup of tea and think about what you’re thankful for from the First World War generation.
  • Visit the war graves of your local fallen, or head to the tomb of the Unknown Warrior at Westminster Abbey.
  • Observe a two minute silence to remember and reflect on the First World War generation.
  • Host a tea and cake morning and use a First World War trench cake recipe.

For other ideas on what you can do to say Thank You watch our video below or visit the inspire me page on our website.