Croydon say Thank You with Poppies on Lamp Posts

A number of Resident Associations throughout Croydon will be giving locals a wonderful opportunity to say Thank You to all those involved in the war effort by encouraging people to display poppies on their high streets and to get involved with the local activities.  

Croydon Council are on board with the initiative that marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War and have been supporting local Residents Associations in the area including People for Portland, Selsdon Residents Association, Riddlesdown Residents’ Association and 4 of the Coulsdon Residents Associations. Each Association will give a small donation per poppy and will begin to secure the poppies to lamp posts in their streets. The majority of the poppies will start to appear on the 8th August to signify the start of the 100 day countdown until Armistice Day becoming a symbol of thanks to those who served during WW1.

It is hoped that poppies will line the streets of Croydon and that this in turn will encourage people to get involved in all sorts of Thank You activities in memory of those who served, sacrificed and lost their lives in the First World War.