A special commemoration event in honour of Joseph and Dinah Howson

Last weekend Michelle Hodgson invited 100 of her family members to a special commemoration event in honour of their Great Grandparents, Joseph and Dinah Howson's contribution to WW1 and The Royal British Legion. 

Michelle wanted to host this event to say 'Thank You' and to share their wonderful story with the younger members of the family. Family members travelled from all around the Uk and from the other side of the world, with visitors from as far as Canada and Australia. Nigel Coxhill, Grandson, and his daughter made the special journey from Melbourne to attend this amazing 'Thank You' event. 

The event included a classic British afternoon tea accompanied by some insightful discussion about their inspiring ancestors. This was followed by an evening of family reminiscing and introductions with very distant relatives.

The Howson's story was definitely the highlight of the day. Joseph Howson died at Passchendaele on 1st November 1917, and his widow was left to bring up their young family whilst also becoming a tireless campaigner for the RBL when it was founded in 1921. She was dedicated to The Royal British Legion and distributed poppies until 1966.

A posthumous award was made to Dinah Howson's family for her 45 years of service on 7th July and the following day 10 family members took part in our Carlisle Poppy Challenge (pictured above).