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Covid-19 Community Response Awards

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The Covid-19 Community Response Award scheme aims to recognise the outstanding community activities that members, volunteers and supporters have delivered in the name of the Royal British Legion and Poppy Scotland in response to the pandemic, achieving a significant contribution to a local community or individual.

Award Types

Activities will be awarded in the following categories:

  1. Digital Response Award: e.g. virtual events, facilitation of online meetings, development and provision of online training and resources, use of social media, establishment of online support groups.
  2. Community Collaboration: e.g. partnering with local aid groups or action groups, working with other organisations and businesses to provide support in the community.
  3. Legion team collaboration: working with other members, branches, Area Teams, or volunteers to provide help and support to those in need.
  4. Individual impact award: an activity undertaken by an individual to provide help and support to those in need, OR an activity that had a significant positive impact on an individual in need.
  5. Creative Fundraising: taking up an innovative challenge to raise funds for the Legion or Poppy Scotland during the pandemic. 


Nominations can be either for individuals or groups of people. 

Please make sure you indicate clearly on the form which category of the award is the nomination for.

Completed nomination forms must be submitted by 20:00 on Monday 17 August.

A special national panel with representation from Executive Board and the Board of Trustees will convene in August to judge the entries and choose winners. Winners will be announced on 1 September.


Each winner will receive a unique trophy to mark their outstanding contribution and an invitation to one of the Legion’s high profile events in 2020 or 2021, provided the COVID-19 pandemic is contained. The Legion will cover travel costs to the event, cost of the event ticket (if applicable), and cost of overnight accommodation (if required).

Award Ceremony

Awards will be presented by local Legion representatives and an online recognition event will be arranged with each winner.

Covid-19 Community Response Award Nominations

Nominations can be either for individuals or groups of people. Send them in by 20:00 on Monday 17 August.

Submit a nomination

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