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These lessons provide students with an understanding of Remembrance using the social and economic context of the First World War. 

In addition to being a way to teach Remembrance, the materials provided - including lesson plans, assemblies and worksheets - are suitable for use in English, history or science classes.

In addition to the lesson plans available below, we are pleased to offer the latest version of our popular Remembrance assembly pack for secondary schools for download as well.

Remember Together Assembly

This assembly helps explain the theme of “Remember Together” to students in the light of this commemorative year and which look at the vital contribution made by the Commonwealth and Allies in three key battles; Monte Cassino, D-Day, and Kohima and Imphal.

These battles highlight the shared Remembrance heritage of Britain’s diverse communities from the British South Asian communities through to the Polish and Afro-Caribbean communities. 

Female Surgeons of WW1

Elsie Inglis, Flora Murray and Louisa Garrett Anderson all worked as surgeons, treating the injured during the First World War.

In addition to introducing pupils to the achievements of these particular ground-breaking women, these lesson encourage students to explore the rights and roles of women before WW1 began and how the war changed both their opportunities and expectations.

Harry Brearley, Inventor of Stainless Steel

Brearley is known as the father of stainless steel and these lessons use his work to shine a light on how important innovation, science and technology were in the war effort.

Use these lessons to help pupils understand more about how Brearly's innovations had unintended and long-lasting consequences for the world - not only in war but in peace time and across society as well.

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