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These lesson plans and assemblies are designed to help children understand what Remembrance is and provides specific examples of different groups and individuals who we remember, using those examples as a way of demonstrating the breadth and the scale of those who served and sacrificed.

VE Day pack for school

We've put together a VE Day pack for key stage 2 children remaining at school.

These provide an overview of VE Day and its relevance today, as well as different activities. Student can explore why and how different countries, communities and people remember the wartime contribution of the entire Second World War generation on VE Day.


Working Together assembly pack

This assembly pack looks at all Commonwealth and Allied nations who came to Britain’s aid during the Second World War, and without whom victory would not have been possible. 

We offer an introductory standalone assembly, or if you wish to go into more detail, you may also download the whole set, which includes the introduction assembly along with 4 additional assemblies. These look at the vital contribution made by the Commonwealth and Allies in three key battles; Monte Cassino, D-Day, and Kohima and Imphal.

Lesson plans

These lesson plans commemorate the First World War generation - those who served, sacrificed, and changed our world.

They examine legacies that positively impact our lives today such as the changing role of women in society and the experiences of children living through conflict.

Child Mill Worker

By introducing the life of a Child Mill worker during the First World War, these lessons provide not only literacy outcomes, but also offer children the chance to practice their research and inquiry skills.

Download the Child Mill Worker lesson pack now.

Female Bus Conductors

Using the example of Florence Cordell, one of the first women to work as a bus conductor in Britain, these lessons show the social impact the First World War had on the job market, the workplace and the role of women.

Download the Female Bus Conductors lesson pack now.

Poppy Field – Michael Morpurgo and Michael Forman

When John McCrae wrote his famous poem In Flanders Field among the trenches of war-torn Belgium, neither he nor a local village girl who saves a discarded draft of it could know what enormous power that poem would have on generations to come.

Scholastic have produced a set of four key stage 2 lesson plans designed to build Remembrance understanding in conjunction with reading the book.

All lesson plans are also available to download in Welsh.

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