Jutland 100

Find out how the Legion commemorated the centenary of the Battle of Jutland, the principal naval battle of the First World War which took place on Wednesday 31 May and Thursday 1 June 1916.

During the centenary, The Royal British Legion and the nation commemorated the sacrifices and contributions made by all those from the Royal Navy, Merchant Navy, fishing fleets, shipbuilding towns and coastal communities who continue to guarantee our maritime nation's security in peace and war.

As the nation’s custodian of Remembrance, the Legion created a Jutland 100 toolkit to help communities organise their own commemorative event to remember the battle. The toolkit can still be used as a learning reference to find out more about this historical battle.


Download the complete toolkit.

NB The toolkit is designed to be printed double-sided and contains some blank pages to allow for this. If your printer doesn't support this, please print the individual items and choose the single-sided versions when available. All items are in PDF format.

Additional resources

Further information about the Battle of Jutlandis available from the Battle Of Jutland Centenary Initiative.

We have also prepared downloadable versions (.mp3) of the following music you may wish to use, all performed by The Central Band of The Royal British Legion.

A selection of Jutland 100 merchandise is available from the Legion's online Poppy Shop.

Jutland 100 capsule

Jutland 100 capsuleA polished brass and burnished red copper poppy-shaped capsule containing messages from our supporters was specially commissioned from the artist Mark Humphrey (who created the Legion's Every Man Remembered sculpture exhibited in Trafalgar Square in 2014).

The poppy capsule is 100x80x30cm and its design symbolises all those who died at Jutland and in other naval conflicts during the First World War.

The capsule is on display at the National Maritime Museum as part of their new exhibition – Jutland 1916 WW1's Greatest Sea Battle.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to make their own special dedications to be enclosed in the capsule.

On Tuesday 31 May the capsule was released into the North Sea as part of a special ceremony. The Jutland Capsule is weighted with 60kgs to sink to the bottom of the North Sea, close to the site of the battle, to be a permanent memorial at sea in honour of those who lost their lives in 1916.

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