Armed Forces community advice on benefits and pensions

There are many fantastic opportunities in the Armed Forces, and service personnel may find themselves rising through the ranks with hard work and dedication.

However, there are aspects of your career that you may not have thought of.

Before you join

It can be exciting to get your career started, but preparing yourself before joining the Armed Forces can make your next few years much smoother. Your finances and living arrangements are worth thinking about, but there is advice to ensure you’re ready to go. 

Visit our Knowledge Base for further advice to help you prepare when joining the Armed Forces

During service

New postings, changing living situations, deployments and many other factors may pop up during Service. Considering these and how they can affect your career is important, but you do not need to make every decision without support. 

Find out more about factors to consider during service on our Knowledge Base.

Leaving service

Eventually you may decide it’s time to rejoin Civvy Street. Returning to civilian life can be tricky, as you navigate life decisions you may not have thought about for some time, such as finding a place to live or applying for jobs. Visit our employment support page for further advice.

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