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The Poppy Factory is the country's leading employment charity for wounded, injured and sick veterans with health conditions or impairments.

They cover England, Wales and Northern Ireland, supporting individuals in a community setting. They work with businesses across the country to identify bespoke opportunities for veterans looking for employment.

The Poppy Factory helps veterans with a physical or mental health condition find work, regardless of whether the illness or injury is because of their service. A national team of employability consultants meet with veterans in their local communities, and together they look for specific jobs that are suitable, rewarding and bespoke to the individual.

Their support includes:

  • Application process guidance such as CVs, application forms and interview preparation.
  • Help in the workplace to identify any required adaptations to support veterans staying in work.
  • Liaison with relevant clinicians to ensure veterans have consistent support.
  • Training and qualifications where they are a requirement for the role.
  • Signposting and referrals to partner organisations with ongoing collaboration.

Registration is straightforward and they aim to meet veterans within a week of completing the process. If you're ready to work, The Poppy Factory is ready to help you find a fulfilling career that you want to pursue.

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