Armed Forces community advice on benefits and pensions

Rights and Pensions

Some aspects of military service – frequent relocation, lengthy absences, transitioning to civilian life, the cost of care, rehab and respite – can create economic difficulties.

As a member of the Armed Forces community, you will have the right to certain benefits, pensions, and allowances. One of the most crucial forms of assistance we provide is ensuring that you know about your rights and how to access benefits you are entitled to.


You may be entitled to certain benefits based on your income, contributions, and circumstances such as sickness, disability, or caring for children. You can use this free benefits calculator (supplied by Turn2us) to find out what you might be entitled to.

Compensation Schemes

If you have been injured because of service or have had a condition made worse by Service, you may be able to claim compensation. Depending on the nature or timing of your illness or injury, you can pursue one of two compensation schemes.

For information on either of these schemes or on how to apply, please visit our Get Support page on Compensation Advice.

Service Pensions

Most veterans are currently receiving a service pension or waiting to receive it once they reach a certain age. How much that pension is and when it is paid depends on which pension scheme you are assigned to. For information on service pensions, please ring the SPVA (JPAC Enquiry Centre) on 0800 085 3600 or write to:

JPAC Enquiry Centre
Mila Point 465
Kentigern House
65 Brown Street
Glasgow G2 8EX

Bereavement Allowance

If you are a widow, widower or surviving civil partner aged between 45 and State Pension age, you may be able to claim Bereavement Allowance (previously known as Widow's Pension). It can be claimed for up to 52 weeks from the date your husband, wife or civil partner died. For more information, and to apply visit the GOV.UK website.

Struggles with Debt

Debt is a financial challenge most people wrestle with from time to time. But when debt becomes unmanageable, it can have an immediate impact on your credit score, home life and can land you in court, layering legal difficulties on top of financial.

For advice on coping with unmanageable debt, call our helpline team on 0808 802 8080 to find out more. This assistance is available to members of the Armed Forces community in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland). If you live elsewhere, contact the following resources: 

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