Special Poppy Appeal Edition

The red poppy survived and flourished in the chaos and destruction on the battlegrounds in World War One. Just as the poppies did back then, we must now prevail over adversity.

Amid a global pandemic, we must keep supporting the Armed Forces community. When we come together, there is absolutely no doubt that we can do it.

Every year our fantastic volunteers distribute over 40 million poppies. In 2019 they helped us raise over £45 million to fund our vital work in supporting the Armed Forces community.

This year, however, Covid-19 means that many of our volunteers are unable to help. Reduced footfall in high streets and train stations will put our Poppy Appeal income at real risk.

Our challenge is formidable. But with supporters like you behind us, we will prevail.

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Now more than ever, we need your donations to keep providing vital support to people like John.

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John Good

John served with the Grenadier Guards in the 1980s. He had the grit and determination the job required, and he loved the sense of camaraderie. When he made the move to Civvy Street, though, the transition was anything but smooth. He had a terrible accident, breaking both his ankles in a fall and spending 11 days in hospital. After that, he was unable to work, which led to debt and depression.

A friend of John’s suggested he contact RBL, and we were able to help get his life back on track.

We provided financial hardship support, negotiating with his debtors, and providing other financial help. John began volunteering for RBL and soon found that sense of camaraderie he’d been missing.


“The Poppy Appeal got me out of the house, collecting every day and making lots of friends.”

We’re pleased to see John enjoying life again. Please give a gift this Remembrance, so others get the help they need.

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Back in 1976, a 12-year-old Carley Mellor helped her Grandad collect donations for poppies for the first time.

Her Grandad continued to do so every single year until he died in 1982. “Grandad used to say it’s about giving people a better life after they’ve given to the country and kept us safe,” she says.


Carley has been following her Grandad’s example ever since

As the Poppy Appeal Organiser for Leek, Rudyard, Horton, and Tean, she has been coordinating RBL events, speaking in the community, and managing collection volunteers for the past 20 years. This year is different, however - due to cancer treatment, Carley is shielding from Covid-19 and unable to be a street collector for the first time in years.

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Any gift today could help us provide financial hardship support to families who may be struggling during Covid-19.

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