We’re celebrating 100 years of support for the Armed Forces community.

This year the Royal British Legion is celebrating its 100th anniversary and, most importantly, 100 years of support to those who have served with Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.

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On 15 May, we unveiled a display commemorating 100 years of support of our Armed forces at the National Memorial Arboretum.

The display was made up of 24,840 messages of support from yourself and others like you. It was a striking and moving display next to the Armed Forces Memorial at the NMA that recognises the lives and sacrifices made by the Armed Forces community – past and present, thanking them for their support and promising ours in return.

Thank you for joining us to celebrate 100 years of support for our Armed Forces. You can still show your appreciation to the Armed Forces community by leaving a message on our online message board.

Thank you for your continued support.

100 Years of Support Installation at the NMA
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100 years of support display at the NMA.

100 years of support message on poppy
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100 years of support message on commemorative poppy
100 years of support messages of thanks
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100 years of support messages of thanks to our Armed Forces.

100 Years of Support
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100 years of support messages on poppies

A century has passed since the founding of the Royal British Legion – together, we have had a life-changing impact.

The British Legion was formed in May 1921 – in the aftermath of the First World War. Four national organisations of ex-Servicemen came together to give a unified voice to those facing the bleak reality of Britain after that harrowing and deadly conflict.

Since then, the unique needs of the Armed Forces community have evolved, but we have adapted and enhanced our services to meet them. Thanks to kind support and donations from people like you, we will keep working to ensure their sacrifices are recognised and that there is always somewhere for them to turn.


Support the Armed Forces community

With your help, we continue to respond to the changing needs of the Armed Forces community, providing small interventions to life-changing, and sometimes lifesaving, support.

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100 years of support for people like Rich

Rich Wallis joined the Army at age 16 and went on to serve with the 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment. During his service he conducted numerous tours of conflict zones, including the Gulf. He loved working with people and felt military life was a perfect fit for him.

When he left the Service, however, Rich struggled with mental health issues and PTSD. Eventually he suffered a breakdown. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, RBL was there for Rich.

We gave him support to find veteran housing, as well as help to furnish it. We also provided him with specialist advice about his disability benefits.

This made a huge difference to Rich. He says, “I never knew help existed for veterans like me. Now I’d encourage anyone in a similar situation to contact RBL and talk through things.”

Rich felt that RBL helped him to reach a turning point in his life. Now he’s helping to deliver essential medication during the Covid-19 crisis. “I want to do my bit to help,” he says.

Show your support by dedicating a message and making a donation.

With your support, we can meet the urgent needs of the Armed Forces community – through the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis.

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