Summer in the City

We are really excited that Thank You will be part of this years Summer in the City, the UK's largest YouTube and online video festival. The event is for anyone with an interest in online video, whether they be creators, viewers, or industry professionals looking to gain more of an insight into the YouTube community.

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Since its inception in 2009, Summer in the City has allowed attendees to make lasting connections with one another, whilst also providing opportunity to learn and be entertained through the event’s discussion panels, workshops and live performances. These activities, combined with their meet and greets, also allow famous YouTubers to engage with their viewers and personally thank them for all of their support over the years.

Another hugely important element of Summer in the City is its ability to foster open discussion on topics that are important to our community. We bring together the largest and most diverse group of creators in the UK and put together a schedule of over 75 panels across the weekend. Many of our most popular panels cover social issues and their intersection with the online community, such as Women on YouTube, LGBTQ+, Ethnicity & Diversity Online, and Mental Health. 

Want to know more about Summer in the City and what you'll be able to find at this year's event? Visit their website: