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Remembrance in 2023

In 2023 we are remembering and honouring Service

Service, the act of defending and protecting the nation’s democratic freedoms and way of life, is rarely without cost to those who serve. Physical, mental or emotional injury or trauma; the absence of time with loved ones; or the pressures that come from serving, highlight why the Remembrance of service is so important.

This year we mark significant anniversaries united by the theme of ‘Service’. On the 70th anniversary of the armistice which ended the fighting of the Korean War, we pay tribute to the British and Commonwealth forces who served in almost unimaginable conditions. We also honour the contribution of the generation in uniform who undertook National Service, 60 years after the last serviceman was demobbed.

On the 75th anniversary of the arrival of settlers from the Caribbean on the Empire Windrush, we explore the connections between the Armed Forces and the Windrush Generation, and mark their service and the part they played in rebuilding post war Britain.  

We further explore and remember the contribution of personnel of Commonwealth heritage with our support of South Asian Heritage Month and Black History Month where personal stories bring to life the experiences of those who served. 

Recruits of the Indian Auxiliary Territorial Service, part of the Women's Auxiliary Corps of the British Indian Army

The Commonwealth

Men and women from the Commonwealth have served, and continue to serve throughout our Armed Forces and civilian services. We will remember their service throughout our commemorations.
Commonwealth Contribution
Nicole Brown in her Royal Navy uniform

Armed Forces today

The Armed Forces continue to play a vital role in Britain today, at home and overseas. From peacekeeping and disaster relief, to helping in the fight against COVID-19 we will remember the contribution of those serving in the Armed Forces.
Teaching Remembrance KS1

Education resources

Our Teaching Remembrance resources explain the meaning and impact of service. They explore what service is, the diversity of those who serve from Britain and the Commonwealth, and highlight lesser known types of service.
Teaching Remembrance

Remembrance in 2023

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