Remembrance Glade at National Memorial Arboretum

In partnership with the National Memorial Arboretum, the Royal British Legion has created a new Remembrance Glade.

Located at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, the Remembrance Glade has been designed to offer a tranquil space for families, individuals, schools, community groups and others to contemplate what Remembrance means to them and to remember those who have served and sacrificed.    

The Glade has been created to encourage reflection and contemplation through symbolic forms, features and plants. Download the Remembrance Glade factsheet to find out more about the trees, shrubs and flowers that make up the Remembrance Glade, and the symbolism behind them.

Watch our Remembrance Glade time lapse

Our aim is to empower people to find new ways to remember those who have served.

We want to give all communities the freedom to develop their own forms of Remembrance which reflect their own histories and cultures.

We also want to inspire the practice of Remembrance, not just on 11 November, but as a year-round activity that people can partake in when they want, and in a way they see fit.

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Unable to visit the Remembrance Glade?

We want to make Remembrance accessible for all. We're producing Glade Activity packs to help you create your own Remembrance space and activities, which will be made available in the coming weeks.

The packs will include suggestions and ideas on creating your own Remembrance space. Whether you have a space on a window-sill, a patch in the garden or a community space, these packs will give you some ideas to help you remember those who have served.

You can also view our Glade video and other educational resources on Vimeo

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