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Procurement is an essential function and process within The Royal British Legion, helping to ensure we are managing risk within our supply chain and maximising value for money from our donated funds.

Procurement is an integral part of our strategy and underpins our strategic priority of Operational Excellence. We are committed to ensuring our procurement procedures:

  • Take an ethical approach, ensuring fairness and transparency and ensuring we work with partners who adhere to best practice and legislation including modern slavery and GDPR
  • Provide RBL with appropriate quality goods and services in a timely manner
  • Provide value for money for RBL based on a balance of criteria specific to each requirement
  • Ensure RBL is not opened to any unnecessary risk from its supply chain

While RBL is not publicly funded and therefore not subject to public procurement regulations, we do reflect best practice in our approach to sourcing all goods and services.

We aim to use RBL-standard contracts where appropriate and most of our spend is covered by our Standard Terms and Conditions found here: The Royal British Legion Terms and Conditions

The Royal British Legion Procurement Strategy

Our Procurement Strategy supports the wider RBL strategy to support all serving and ex-serving personnel as well as their families and in support of RBL's key priorities:

  • Those We Serve – Ensuring high quality service provision in a timely manner that makes best use of donated funds. Working with our supply chain to innovate and improve the service we can provide to our beneficiaries;
  • Championing Remembrance – Supporting our Remembrance and Marketing teams to find and work with partners who will raise our profile and can help us engage younger and more diverse audiences whilst seeking out new opportunities;
  • Working Together – Engaging our suppliers as true partners who are passionate about our cause and will support the charity beyond the delivery of goods and services;
  • Operational Excellence – Provide a professional, qualified function that serves as true business partners, supporting stakeholders whilst safeguarding RBL's expenditure and minimising unnecessary risk.

Contact us

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to RBL, please send a short message with details to

We receive a lot of enquiries from suppliers passionate about supporting us and, whilst we’re very grateful, we are not always able to respond immediately due the high volume. We will be sure to register your interest and hope to contact you when an opportunity arises.

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