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Together at Christmas

Together at Christmas is our annual community initiative to combat loneliness at social isolation.

At what can be a difficult time of year for many — especially as we continue to adapt to life with Covid-19 — we're here to support everyone in the Armed Forces community, both at home and abroad.

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Prince William, Prince George, Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Charles bake puddings
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Make your own RBL Christmas pudding

In our centenary year, we are calling on the public and supporters to make Christmas puddings using our Royal British Legion recipe, and share images of their festive get togethers whilst remembering those who might be separated from their families this year or spending the holidays alone.
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Share your Christmas pudding celebration images with us:

RBL Christmas Pudding Recipe

Serves 8-10


Sultanas 120g 
Currants 120g
Raisins 120g
Mixed peel 80g
Suet 120g
Breadcrumbs 80g 
Flour 60g
Crystallised ginger 10g 
Prunes 20g
Ground almonds 10g 
Large egg x 1
Pinch of salt
Brown sugar 80g     
Oranges x 1
Half a lemon 
Apples 150g
Mixed spice 2.5g
Stout 75ml
Rum 5ml
Brandy 5ml
Madeira 12.5ml
Sherry 12.5ml
Milk 2.5ml
Pinch of poppy seeds 


  1. Chop the suet and crystallised ginger
  2. Peel, core and finely chop the apples
  3. Wash and dry the dried fruit, stone and chop the prunes
  4. Grate the zest and squeeze the juice from the oranges and lemons
  5. Sieve together the flour, salt, mixed spice and add all the other dry ingredients; dried fruit, suet, breadcrumbs, mixed peel, chopped crystalised ginger, apples, prunes, brown sugar, orange and lemon zest
  6. Make a bay in the centre, mix the eggs with the milk, brandy, rum, stout, madeira, sherry, orange and lemon juices and pour into the bay
  7. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly together, cover with a cloth and allow to stand in a cool place for twenty four hours
  8. Oil pudding basins and three quarters fill each one with the mixture; divide between the greased basins
  9. Cover with greaseproof or silicone paper and steam or boil for four hours
  10. Remove from the steamer and, if not for immediate use, recover with fresh paper and store in a cool dry place until required
  11. When required for use reboil or steam for a further two hours

The Together at Christmas initiative was launched in 2019 when Her Majesty The Queen helped prepare special Royal British Legion Christmas puddings at Buckingham Palace, along with Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales, The Duke of Cambridge and Prince George.

Those puddings then became the centrepiece of virtual festive get togethers that we hosted for the Armed Forces community in 2020.

Armed Forces community comes together for virtual festive get-togethers in 2020

Through community projects such as our Telephone Buddy scheme, and our 24-hour support line, we offer companionship, support, and a friendly ear to everyone in the Armed Forces community. 


Dennis' story

Throughout the pandemic, veteran Dennis volunteered to help lift the spirits of isolated and vulnerable people in his community, all whilst shielding himself.
Dennis' story

Anthony Baines, Director of Welfare and Operations at the RBL, said: “Christmas can be a time when people’s troubles and worries are exacerbated by the financial pressures of the season or feelings of loneliness and isolation.

The RBL’s Together at Christmas campaign is a timely reminder of the help we can provide. Anthony Baines

Director of Welfare and Operations

“Even when people can’t be together, the RBL will always be there for our Armed Forces community, both at home and abroad. Through our Branch Community Support, we offer a large and diverse network providing everything from telephone buddies to bereavement support.”

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