Find out whether you are eligible to be a voice of the membership at the Annual Conference as a branch delegate.

Role of a Delegate at Annual Conference

Branch Delegates act as the voice of the Membership at Annual Conference, through their debates and by proposing, seconding and voting on Motions for amendments to general policy, or our Royal Charter.

Delegates can take instruction from their Branches on how to vote, but are asked to listen both to the debate and their conscience when doing so.

While County/District Delegates are able to participate in discussions, they are not entitled to vote.

Becoming a Delegate

Delegates must be current members or Life Members of The Royal British Legion. Each eligible Branch can send one delegate, while Branches with over 300 members can send two delegates. Branches with over 1,000 members can send further delegates, calculated on the basis of one delegate per every 500 members over 1,000 members. Branches must approve the appointment of candidates selected as delegates at a Branch Meeting or AGM.

Delegate Credentials, containing a letter confirming successful application to be a delegate and further information about Conference, will be sent directly to the delegate after the closing date for applications. Delegates will need to bring this confirmation letter for Registration at Annual Conference.


All Delegates must register on arrival at Annual Conference. Delegates will need to bring their membership card and letter confirming their successful application to represent their Branch or County/District as a delegate (Delegate Credentials).


On registering, delegates will receive their Delegate badge, allowing access to the Conference floor, and voting keypad. The keypad will be scanned on entering or leaving the Conference Hall to activate / deactivate it and also to record time spent in the hall. Delegates are asked to look after their keypads for the duration of Conference, returning it to staff on the doors at the close of Conference.

Delegates who are not recorded as having attended all Conference sessions may not be reimbursed for their expenses. (See section on expenses below).

Delegates will also receive their Delegate packs on registering, which will contain a copy of the Final Agenda and other useful information.

An early registration session is open on the Friday afternoon. It is strongly advised that all those who can do so take advantage of this, to avoid long queues and delays on Saturday morning. Further details of the times and locations of registration will be posted closer to Annual Conference.

Delegates with Disabilities / Carers

Delegates who require disabled access and/or are bringing a carer are asked to specify this on their Application Form for Delegate Credentials. On registering with the delegate, carers will receive a Conference Hall Pass, which must be worn at all times.

There will be a hearing loop for those who are hard of hearing as well as speakers placed around the hall.

Delegates who have arthritis and may need assistance using the Voting Keypad may consider attending with a carer.

Food will be available at the venue, but delegates who require food at certain times may consider bringing their own snacks or a packed lunch.


Formations sending delegates are responsible for meeting their accommodation and subsistence costs.

Head Office will pay formations in mainland England and Wales an amount equivalent to the standard National Express Coach fare from their delegate's nearest largest town to Eastbourne, as specified on the Application Form for Delegate Credentials (see related downloads below). This payment will be made via a bank transfer to the formation's account.

Fares under £10 and any additional costs associated with travel will not be reimbursed.

Outside of mainland England & Wales

Formations outside mainland England and Wales  including Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man and Overseas  incur high travelling costs due to their location. Therefore, Head Office will refund only 50% of the actual travel costs incurred by the delegates.

This payment will only be made upon the submission of a Conference Expense Claim Form, which will be sent to all non-Mainland delegates with their delegate credentials. Receipts must be included, otherwise costs will not be reimbursed. The payment will be made via a bank transfer to the formation’s central account.