Awards 2017

Winners and runners-up of the awards and cups presented during the The Royal British Legion Annual Conference.

Standard bearers

Elms Cup - National Youth Standard Bearer – Ellie Park, Northern Ireland

Ken Furniss Shield - Deputy National Standard Bearer – David Folder, Wales

Ashwanden Cup - National Standard Bearer - Norman Espie, Northern Ireland District

Recruitment / membership

Knox Shield – Runner Up Certificate: The Isle of Wight County

Knox Shield – Winner: Greater Manchester County

Downing Shield – Runner Up Certificate: Sussex County

Downing Shield – Winner: Dorset County

McCrae Shield – Runner Up Certificate: Marbella Branch

McCrae Shield – Winner: Chonburi Branch

Churchill Shield – Runner Up Certificate: Cyclists Branch

Churchill Shield – Winner: South African Branch

Jellicoe Cup – Runner Up Certificate: Granby Barnstone Branch

Jellicoe Cup – Winner: Royton Branch

Jellicoe Shield – Runner Up Certificate: Oldbury Branch

Jellicoe Shield – Winner: Wool Branch

Poppy Appeal

Bucher Trophy – No Applications

Noel Rogers Trophy – Runner Up Certificate: Ypres Branch

Noel Rogers Trophy – Winner: Gran Alacant & La Marina Branch

Hughes Trophy – Runner Up Certificate: Bedfordshire County

Hughes Trophy – Winner: South East Wales County

Poppy Appeal Trophy – Runner Up: Herefordshire County

Poppy Appeal Trophy – Winner: Isle of Man County

Progress and efficiency

Ian Hamilton Cup – Winner: Knowle RBL Club Ltd.

Lewis Shield – Winner: No Applications

Maurice Cup – Runner Up Certificate: Northern Ireland District

Maurice Cup – Winner: Essex County

Lister Cup – Runner Up Certificate: Hopton and District Branch

Lister Cup – Winner: Ross on Wye Branch

Haig Cup – Runner Up: Hadleigh Branch

Haig Cup – Winner: Felixstowe Branch

Chairman’s Award – Winner: Bedford Family

National Certificate of Appreciation: Samuel Elder, Lawrence Powers, Brian Tyrrell