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Get your finances in shape with MoneyForce

Our MoneyForce website is designed to help the Armed Forces community to get MoneyFit by taking control of their own finances. There are a variety of ways that MoneyForce can help you get in shape this year.

Take the MoneyFit Challenge

The MoneyFit Challenge is a useful way to find out how healthy your financial affairs are. You can choose from a selection of tools including a budget planner, a GoalSaver tool, a HomeFinder tool, a car costs calculator and a credit card calculator.

Each section will ask you a number of straightforward multiple choice questions and will take between five and ten minutes to complete. You will then get a high level assessment of your financial priorities and a personalised action plan. You'll also find links to a wide range of information resources and online tools.

Take the MoneyFit Challenge now

Other useful tools

Budget planner

A budget that is done correctly is the most precise tool available for working out your finances, and MoneyForce’s budget planner does the hard work for you. Use it to help you understand how much money you have coming in, how much is going out and what’s left over. All you need to do is enter your statement details as well as your regular bills and go from there. Remember to review your budget when you get a pay rise or when your circumstances change.


It’s much easier to save with a specific goal in mind. So even if you’re not yet planning a holiday or buying a home or car, it is useful to put some money aside for unexpected expenses. A good starting point is to have at least three months’ savings for emergencies in an instant-access savings account.

Once you’ve done your budget, you’ll know how much your ‘three months’ essential' expenses are. If you're saving for something special, MoneyForce's GoalSaver tool will show you how quickly you can reach your goal.


If you’re saving for a new home try MoneyForce’s HomeFinder tool. Enter the estimated cost of a property to find out how likely you are to get a mortgage and what you can do to increase the likelihood that you will.

Car costs calculator

Buying a car may seem like a small commitment compared to buying a home, but car costs go beyond the initial purchase, insurance and Road Tax. MoneyForce’s car cost calculator helps you consider these costs as well as other running and maintenance costs.

Credit card calculator

If you use credit or store cards for large expenses like holidays, home improvements or Christmas, then paying off only the minimum amount each month means your debt is adding up. If you continue spending on your card your debt could spiral out of control.

MoneyForce’s credit card calculator shows you how much your credit card is costing you, based on your current repayments, and lets you work out exactly how much you can save by increasing your minimum payment.

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