Veteran Dan Smith and family

Supporting yourself and your family can be challenging, whether you are currently serving or have just left.

But there is help available, through information, advice, and even direct support from us or one of our partner organisations.


Looking after your children with or without a partner can be difficult. Paternity or maternity pay, saving for school costs, or overseas postings are all things you need to consider when thinking about your life and children.

Visit our Knowledge Base for advice on children and your finances


Living with a partner in service housing or somewhere else may present challenges. Finding housing, saving money together, and planning for the future can affect your living situation and may also impact your family. 

Our Knowledge Base has further information on housing with your family and the support available. 


Whatever the circumstances, separating from a partner is never an easy process, especially if children and shared housing are involved. You may need to consider how separation will affect you and your family, and seek support if needed.

Find out more about separation and your finances on our Knowledge Base. 

Jodie Older with her husband and daughter

Further help

Living together with a partner or children can be incredibly rewarding, but it is not always easy. There are many organisations that provide expert advice in their field. Use our Knowledge Base to find out where to get help for further support or guidance.
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