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The Veterans Medical Funds programme provides support for veterans with hearing loss and physical injuries.  

The funds provided to these programmes have now been fully assigned and we are not accepting new applications. 

Please contact [email protected], or call our contact centre 0808 802 8080 if you are a past applicant with a query.

Veterans Hearing Fund 

The Veterans Hearing Fund was set up in 2016, following a five year, £10m commitment from HM Treasury using income generated from the LIBOR rate-fixing fines. A further £1.5m of funds was committed in 2019, following a successful bid to repurpose underspent funds from another LIBOR programme. 

The Veterans Hearing Fund issued over 3000 grants towards equipment and therapies to assist veterans whose hearing has been affected during their service.  

Veterans Mobility Fund 

The Veterans Mobility was set up in 2016, following a five year, £3m commitment from HM Treasury using income generated from the LIBOR rate-fixing fines.  

The Veterans Mobility issued over 270 grants towards specialist mobility equipment to assist veterans who suffered serious physical injuries during service.

If you need to request medical records

To request a copy of your service medical records you will need to submit a completed Subject-Access-Request-form-2018 to the relevant service records office.

To request a Subject Access Request form to be sent to you by post, please call our Contact Centre on 0808 802 8080. Once you have received your Service medical records please then send to the postal or email address below:

The Veterans Medical Funds

The Royal British Legion

199 Borough High Street

London SE1 1AA

[email protected]

To request a copy of your war pension or AFCS document please contact Veterans UK.

[email protected] Freephone (UK only): 0808 1914 2 18

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Get in touch

For any questions, please contact our Medical Funds Department at [email protected] or call our Contact Centre on 0808 802 8080.

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