What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving is an easy, tax-efficient way to donate to the Royal British Legion. Make payday even better by supporting the Armed Forces community.

By giving directly through your salary, you will be donating before you pay any tax which makes your support go even further.

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How does it work?

You don’t need to give us your bank details or set up direct debits, it’s as simple as filling out our online form. And, because your donation is taken before tax, every £1 you donate will only cost you 80p.
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We are here for those who served and those still serving.

Those leaving the Armed Forces often find themselves unable to transition to civilian life and find it difficult to navigate public services. In some cases, government policy, as well as employers, fail to recognise the unique nature of military life, which can leave members of the Armed Forces disadvantaged compared to their civilian peers.

We have an obligation to the Armed Forces community - members of the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, veterans, and their families - to honour their courage and commitment by ensuring that their sacrifices are recognised and that they are given the support they need and deserve.

Leaving the Armed Forces is a difficult transition. Together we can support them

How you'll be helping

  • £5 could help pay the travel costs for a Veteran to visit a loved one in hospital.

  • £7.50 could provide equipment for our Battle Back centre which provides adaptive and adventure sports to improve physical and mental well-being.

  • £10 could contribute to providing emergency overnight accommodation.

  • £15 could pay for food vouchers for a family facing financial hardship.

Payroll Giving

Setting up a Payroll Gift is quick and easy.
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Take a look at our FAQs below to find out more.

Why choose Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving is the most cost-effective way to give as the donation is tax-free. The scheme allows you to support the Armed Forces Community tax-free and provides the Royal British Legion with a regular and reliable income stream enabling us to plan for the future and provide support for those who need it most.

Why is Payroll Giving tax efficient?

Your donation comes straight from your salary before income tax, which provides a benefits to both you and the Royal British Legion. It is also so easy for you as we do all the leg work to set it up with your employer.

How do I join the scheme? Do you need my bank details?

Visit our donation page and complete the form online. It’s so easy to fill out, but if you do have any questions please contact the Legion’s Supporter Care team on 0808 802 8080. 

Your donation will be set up with your employer, so you never need to give us any of your bank details or set up a direct debit. Each month, your donation will come out of your salary so there’s nothing more to do!

Once you have submitted the online form our professional fundraisers will contact your employer to complete the set up of your donation through your pay.

Can anyone sign up for the Payroll Giving Scheme?

To sign up for the scheme your employer must be registered with a Payroll Giving Agency. If you are an employer you can view a list of approved Payroll Giving Agencies here.

What happens next?

Once deducted from your salary, your donation will be passed in full to the HM Revenue & Customs approved agency your employer is contracted with who is responsible for disbursing monies to the relevant beneficiaries per your instructions. It may take a month or two for your first donation to be deducted from your payslip depending on your payroll set up.

Will the Legion receive my entire donation?

The Legion will receive your entire donation minus the payroll giving agency administration fee. But, because you are donating before you pay tax, we will actually receive the tax benefits on top of the amount you donate.

Can I claim Gift Aid to make my donation go further?

Unfortunately not. Your donation if before tax there is no gift aid to claim back.

How your donation will help?

We provide support for members of the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, veterans, and their families.

By making a donation, you’re helping us to help those in need within the Armed Forces community. This can range from funding an injured veteran through a personal recovery course at The Battle Back Centre, or it could be to support an Admiral Nurse help a carer to cope with a family member with dementia. There are so many things that the Royal British Legion does that we would love to tell you about. 

If you choose to hear from us via post or email, we will be able to tell you so much more about our work and how you are making it all possible.

Where will my personal information go?

the Royal British Legion Group takes your privacy very seriously and we want to assure you that your personal information is safe with us and we will never sell your details.

By submitting this donation you are confirming this is a tax-free donation through your employer's Payroll Giving scheme that will not be included on any personal tax returns

The data supplied will be stored and used by Hands On Payroll Giving and associated organisations to enable your donation to be processed and received by the Royal British Legion. Your details will be sent to your employer's payroll department and contracted Payroll Giving Agency. Your name and any contact details as specified above will be sent to the Royal British Legion to assist with tracking your donation.

You may be contacted in the event of a specific query needed to resolve the processing of your data for the purposes of these instructions. Hand on Payroll Giving will store your data in line with our internal Data Protection Policy for a period of 7 years, after which time we will delete your information. For more info please see Hand on Payroll Giving’s full Privacy Policy.

What if I want to cancel or if I leave the company I am currently working for?

If you would like to cancel just contact your payroll department and they will be able to stop the deductions.

Payroll Giving automatically stops when you leave your job. If you move to another workplace you will need to resubmit the online form and a new donation can be set up from your new salary.

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