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Help us celebrate Legion 100

Legion 100 will bring together our nations, individuals, and communities to celebrate both the tremendous achievements of the Legion over the last 100 years and to demonstrate why we are just as important in 2021 and beyond.

The British Legion was formed on 15 May 1921, bringing together four national organisations of ex-Servicemen that had established themselves after the First World War.  We’ve been there for first 100 and we’ll be here for the next 100.

Newspaper cutting from 1921
Article by Tom Lister from July 1921

The aims of our centenary 

Legion 100 is about so much more than just reaching our centenary, it's about celebrating the people who've got us here - our staff, volunteers and our members – be it behind the scenes or on the frontline.

Unlike our annual Remembrance or national commemorative events, Legion 100 will be different. Those events recognise the national achievements and the role of our Armed Forces. The Legion’s centenary is about our role as a charitable organisation.

The Legion 100 programme will celebrate the tremendous achievements of the Legion over the last 100 years and demonstrate how and why we will continue to play a key part in helping our Armed Forces community and their families throughout 2021 and beyond.

Plans in the pipeline

Even though the current circumstances are making it a challenge for us to have fixed plans in place, we are remaining confident that things will change for the better. Here’s a glimpse of the national events that we have in the pipeline which can also be copied at regional and national level:

  • A special commemorative service at Westminster Abbey in September
  • A Centenary themed Annual Conference in London in May
  • Recognition of Legion 100 in the Poppy Appeal and Festival of Remembrance in November

Membership activity for Legion 100

You and your branch play a vital part in making the Legion’s centenary a success - we can’t do this without you! It’s going to take all branches to undertake activities for a full national celebration.

We’ll be publishing a book by noted social historian Julie Summers to mark our centenary. The book will contain stories and images that can be used across our various channels.

We’re also asking our Membership community to delve into the history of their branches. With the help of our Legion members, we hope to unearth and share the unique and rich experience of the Legion's past and look to its future Legacy, as we embark on Telling Our Story.

As well as Telling Our Story, we want to make sure that the events and activities taking place will focus on more than just the Legion. We will use them as key opportunities for us to recognise and thank the many charity partners, community associations, elected officials, government agencies and services at all levels whose valuable support makes it possible for the Legion to do its work.

Get involved

Find out what your branch can do to help mark this once in a lifetime celebration

Read our Legion 100 guide for branches

Your plans

We ask that all centenary plans support our aim to celebrate both the tremendous achievements of the Legion over the last 100 years, but more importantly – demonstrate why we are just as important now and for the next 100.

We’d love to hear your branch’s ideas and plans for celebrating the Legion’s centenary – drop us a line at

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