Recruits of the Indian Auxiliary Territorial Service, part of the Women's Auxiliary Corps of the British Indian Army

Remembering the Commonwealth

The Royal British Legion is committed to remembering the millions from the Commonwealth who have served alongside the British Armed Forces since the First World War, defending the freedoms and ways of life we enjoy today. 

Today many of Britain’s largest and most vibrant communities are of Commonwealth descent, their ancestors having fought for Britain during the Second World War

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Over 6 million men and women from the Commonwealth served alongside British forces in WW2.

This service and sacrifice is an integral part of our nation’s shared heritage and history. 

Learn more about those who served and sacrificed through our partnerships with South Asian Heritage Month and Black History Month.

Commonwealth Day 2020

To mark Commonwealth Day and International Women’s Day in 2020, we launched new education resources that explore how the roles played by Commonwealth women within armed forces have changed over the last 100 years, featuring the stories of Commonwealth women who have pushed the boundaries

Forgotten Sacrifice factsheet

Explore stories of servicemen and women from Africa, the Caribbean and South Asia.

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Learn more about the Commonwealth

There are numerous ways to find out more about the service and sacrifice of the Commonwealth online.

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