Military mums, whether veterans, civilians or serving play an important role in supporting the Armed Forces community.

Serving, Veterans and Civilians - Saluting military mums everywhere

Whether civilian or serving, mums play an important role in supporting the Armed Forces community.

Here are three mum's stories from the Armed Forces community. Jodie is a serving soldier, balancing a career with being a mum. Stacey is a veteran, adjusting to motherhood and life after a twenty-year-career. Mandy has two serving sons, and is helping them to achieve their dreams.

"I'm so proud of them"

“I’ve seen them grow up so much since they joined the military.

“I feel incredibly proud of both of them. Our soldiers are so young, and they’re our front line and they’re giving up their lives for our freedom.

“For me as a Mum, the biggest gift we can give our kids today is independence. They’re happy, their living their lives and that’s all you want for your kids.

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"Being a mum is the best job in the world"

Jodie - Serving Soldier and Mother

“It can be hard getting that balance. I might be a mum but I’m still expected to do a job, and that’s why I’m in and why I signed up.

“When I’m away from her it is hard, but I’ve learned how to just switch off and do my job and when I know I’m coming home that’s when I build myself up again.

"But as much as I love my job, being a mum is definitely the best job in the world.”

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"It was hard being away from the kids"

“Evie has seen me go on tour twice now. The first time, when she was one, I left her with my mum, and the second I left Evie with my husband and her younger sister Frankie.

“My job was to be a nurse to everyone, regardless of what side they were fighting on.”

“The hardest thing for me in Afghanistan was seeing the children who were the same age as my own and far less physically developed. My kids seemed somewhat fuller and bigger.”

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