Telling Our Story FAQs

Take a look at our general FAQs below for further information on Telling Our Story. 

What is Telling Our Story?

As well as chance to look forward to the next one hundred years, the celebration of the Legion’s centenary in 2021 provides us with an opportunity to look back and reflect on the organisation’s rich history across the past century. We want to pull together documents, artefacts and personal testimony that help tell the extraordinary/unique story of the Legion, its Membership, and its work providing support to past, present and future generations.

What sort of things are you looking for?

We know the facts and figures, but we want to get to know the people who have made the Legion over the last hundred years and the contribution that they have made to their communities.

Perhaps you have a Branch minute book that records a particular contribution to your local community, or a Standard that was presented by someone particularly notable. Perhaps past members have left behind written accounts, or perhaps you have memories of particularly momentous moments in your Branch, County/District or the Legion’s history that you would be happy to share in writing or on video.

How will you collect these things?

We are asking for items to be photographed and submitted digitally.  Further information on how to digitise your items, and how to submit them to us is available on the Telling Our Story webpage

What will you do with these things?

The artefacts, documents and testimony will be curated by our historical consultant, Dan Hill, and collated digitally.  We also hope to exhibit a selection of submissions at Annual Conference in 2021.

Please be aware that, while our aim is to exhibit as many submissions as possible at Annual Conference 2021, owing to the number of submissions we expect to receive it is unlikely we will be able to include them all.

Who is the historical consultant?

Dan Hill is a professional military historian, researcher and battlefield guide specialising in twentieth century British Military History. He holds a Masters Degree from the University of Wolverhampton and has worked on a number of large national commemorations and historical projects including contributions to the Legion's GP90, D-Day 75 and as resident historian on the UK Government's Somme 100 centenary commemorations. 

How can I take part if I’m unable to access my branch building where my archives are stored due to COVID 19 safety regulations?

We urge that all activity must be conducted in line with the Government's guidance on social distancing and the shielding of vulnerable individuals. Please, therefore, do not make any attempt to access and share any material that would require breaching these rules. Please only access and share material that you are able to access within the constraints of the current public health guidance.

Can I share something on behalf of someone else?

Yes. You will be asked to provide their contact details on the submission form and confirm that they have given you their informed consent.

Are you going to keep/store physical items? If so where?

We do not have the capacity to collect, store, or display physical items. 

Can I send you documents to take photographic copies of and then you send them back?

We are unable to accept physical items for photography.  We would ask that items are photographed by you and submitted in line with the instructions on the website.

Will I be paid for my contribution?

No, but we will ensure that items are properly credited.

I’ve already written/am currently writing a history of my Branch/County/District, how can I feed this into the activity?

We welcome all findings including content from books and articles to help us tell our unique story.  Please follow the same digitisation and submission process to share your historical literature and photographs with us. If you wish to be cited, please inform us on the submission form.

Who will be able to see/access my contribution?

Only Legion staff on the project team and the historical consultant will be able to view your contribution at this stage.  Your contribution will not be accessible to others making their own submissions.

Do you want us to make appeals to non-members in our local community?

At this stage we are only asking for contributions from Legion members and staff.

Are you going to be asking museums and libraries to check their collections?

At this stage we are only asking for contributions from Legion members and staff. 

Are you going to be contacting local historical societies?

At this stage we are only asking for contributions from Legion members and staff.

How can find out more about this activity and getting involved?

Branch Officials can also join our Legion 100 group on Yammer/Office 365 for further updates and notifications. 

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