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Telling our story

The Legion’s centenary year is a real opportunity for us to showcase all that we do so well. 

From its very beginnings in 1921 our members, and the branches to which they belong, have been at the heart of the Legion and we’re turning to you to kick start the centenary commemorations by Telling Our Story. 

No one is better placed to tell the story of the Legion’s first 100 years than its Membership community. 

We need you to delve into the history of your branches and share Legion related records, artefacts, membership experiences, personal stories and more. Be it assisting Legion beneficiaries, commemorating key events and anniversaries, bringing the community together, or simple stories of the day to day events in your area – no story, item or recollection is too small. 

This is your story. It’s about you, your branches, your community, your local stories and connections.  

We are standing by to hear from you and help you through the process of recording and storing these artifacts and memories for your branch and the Legion. 

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