Mark Cockram

Mark volunteered for the Poppy Appeal after a 35-year military career.

Why Mark is collecting for the Poppy Appeal

After joining the Army as a Junior Leader when he was 15, Mark rose through the ranks before retiring as a Warrant Officer Class 1.

"I had the opportunity to join the Army as a Junior Leader," says Mark. 

"I don't know why they took me as really I had nothing to offer, but for the next two years I was fed, clothed, given an education and I suppose moulded into something resembling what the Army wanted.

"As a result of that service as a boy I was able to make the Army a full career and served for the next 35 years."

"Due to my Army service I was able to take the opportunity of giving my son the education I never had," adds Mark. 

"He went on to University and gained a decent degree followed by a Masters Degree."

Both of Mark’s grandchildren have also gone on to University, with the eldest recently graduating as a Veterinary Surgeon.



In 2018 our volunteers helped us distribute 40 million poppies, raising over £50 million to help support the Armed Forces community.
Mark Cockram collecting for the Poppy Appeal

Giving back

"I link all this to that very first day I was given the opportunity to join," says Mark. "Without that chance I am sure I would have still been serving but at Her Majesty's pleasure if you know what I mean!"

Having retired, Mark now works to raise money for the Poppy Appeal every year, organising other volunteers in his local area and collecting donations.

Now I am happy to do my bit for the Poppy Appeal.

"Commuters are amazed to see a 'poppy man' about so early but people love to stop and chat.  

"I am glad that I have this opportunity to pay back for my good fortune and hope I will be able to do so for many years to come!"

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