Flyle Hussain outside his house wearing a face mask

Flyle's story

Flyle Hussain collects for the Poppy Appeal in East Sussex, and although this year will be different due to Covid-19, he’s been working from home to help organise collections in his local area.

Flyle, now 83, got involved through his local Royal British Legion branch in Alfriston, where he volunteers as treasurer.

And he and his wife have been helping organise their local Poppy Appeal in Alfriston for the last 15 years.

"My job involves distributing the poppies to organisations in the area, then collecting after the Appeal and counting up the money," say Flyle.

"I enjoy organising the Poppy Appeal, going out and having a chat with people in the area, saying ‘thank you’ for their donations and their hard work collecting.

"But this year will be different."

Flyle is organising everything from home due to Covid-19. While he still gets out for daily walks, he has been avoiding going into supermarkets and pubs.

"We expect we will make much less money this year," he adds.

"There are a few hotels where I keep tills in the hotel bars and restaurants, as well as cafés and art galleries. But less people are going into these places now, so it’s going to be very difficult this year.

"Most of my collectors are elderly people you see. It’s a small and beautiful village Alfriston, but there are many elderly people who live there and it’s wrong to have them out collecting, knocking on people’s doors."

Flyle Hussain with his wife at their front window

Despite the challenges, Flyle hopes people can support the Poppy Appeal in whatever way they can.

"Every year it is important that people support the Poppy Appeal, but this year especially with all the uncertainties going on," he says
Fundraise for the Poppy Appeal

"I have a poster in my window that say’s ‘Every Poppy Counts’, and it’s true." 

"It’s important to think about the serving personnel too because they are doing work helping the National Health Service and doing their bit to support, and it’s important that we look after them. 

"It gives me great pleasure to know that these men and women are protecting us against something, and this is our way of saying ‘thank you’." 

Flyle says that on Remembrance Sunday, he will be thinking about Maj Peter Gadsdon who got him involved in the Poppy Appeal over 15 years ago. "He was such a lovely friend to me, with great stories."


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