Royal British Legion Battle Back Centre

The Battle Back Centre Lilleshall was established by the Royal British Legion in 2011 to support wounded and injured service personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our aim is to help ensure the best possible recovery for the Armed Forces community, whether it’s returning to duty or successfully transitioning to civilian life.

As well as continuing to support wounded, injured and sick service personnel, more recently we have expanded our service with the introduction of wellbeing courses for veterans.

Royal British Legion Battle Back programme

"Battle Back was my light at the end of the tunnel."

I spent nine months at home. I used to just lie in bed. On bad days I couldn't even stand up to brush my teeth. But Battle Back changed my life.

Overcoming challenges is known to aid recovery – and physical development is such a key part of this process.

Centred around adaptive sport and adventurous training activities, such as wheelchair basketball, archery, mountain biking, climbing and caving, Battle Back helps build camaraderie as well as the chance to connect through shared experiences.

The programme is designed to help grow confidence and improve motivation as well as the ability to deal with stress. Delivered alongside expert coaching, it also helps to develop positive thinking – focusing on what someone can achieve instead of what they cannot.

If you’d like to find out more about our Battle Back Centre please get in touch with our team on 01952 815 670 for serving personnel or on 01952 815681 for veterans. Thank you.

Royal British Legion Battle Back programme

"I was at an all time low."

I'd spent so long being told that I couldn’t do anything, I believed it. But then I went to Battle Back. I'm pretty certain I wouldn't be alive if I hadn't gone there when I did. When I left I was a totally different person.

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