Book of Remembrance

Our Book of Remembrance is a lasting testament to the memory of someone special.

Professionally inscribed by a calligrapher, the name of your loved one will be will be carefully written onto its pages.

You can inscribe a name into the Book by completing our online form. You may also choose to make a gift at the same time.

Honour the memory of your loved one in the Book of Remembrance

All gifts received in memory support the ongoing work of the Royal British Legion.
Inscribe a name

We welcome you, your family, and friends to come and visit the Book at our Head Office in London.

To confirm the Book is available for viewing, or to receive a picture of the inscription via email, please call our Supporter Care team on 0345 845 1945 or email [email protected].

We will continue to review the situation so please check back here for updates or call our Supporter Care team for further information.

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Other ways to give a gift in memory

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