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A Will is one of the easiest and simplest ways to safeguard the future of your family and friends.

After you’ve taken care of the people closest to you, a small gift in your Will to RBL could make a huge difference.

Making my Will

Here’s how to get started today.

1. Request a physical copy or download a copy of our Will guide. This guide contains everything you need to write a new Will or amend an existing Will. A physical copy will be sent to you within 10 working days. You can also request a copy by emailing [email protected] or by calling us on 0345 845 1945

2. Choose whether you want to write your Will:

Face to Face: Request a free information pack of local solicitors who will write or update an existing simple Will at no cost to you.

Online: Visit farewill.com/rbl-writewill and the discount code RBL-WRITEWILL will be automatically applied at the checkout so you don’t pay any fees.

Over the telephone: Call Farewill on 020 8050 2686 to schedule telephone appointment at a time convenient for you. Tell the Farewill representative that you’re an RBL supporter to get this for free.

3. Choose whether you wish to leave a gift to RBL. Just 1% of your Will left to RBL wil make a life-changing difference to the Armed Forces community - leaving your loved ones to inherit 99%.

Amend my Will

To amend a Will that you’ve already got, you may not need to re-write it completely.

You can ask a solicitor or a STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) qualified Will-writer to add an amendment which is called a codicil. Generally, if you only want to make a small or simple change, then you can use a codicil. However, if the change is a bit more significant or tricky, then you should make a new Will.

You can find the codicil form in our Will guide booklet.


We've got some great resources to help provide you with information and advice when writing your Will, including:

We also strongly recommend that you consult a solicitor or a STEP qualified Will-writer when you make your Will, to ensure it is accurate and reflects your wishes.

With our free Will-writing service, we can put you in touch a a solicitor in your local area, by requesting a free Will-writing pack.

Already left a Gift to RBL?

We are thankful for every gift that’s left to RBL. If you have left a gift through your own solicitor, we won’t have been made aware of the gift - but you can let us know by completing our form or using the contact details above.

By letting us know, we can thank you and welcome you to our community of Legacy pledgers. You’ll also join our stewardship programme with access to exclusive events, newsletters and communications. We will never ask what you've chosen to leave to RBL, as this is confidential to you.

Write your Will with a local solicitor

We can put you in touch with a trusted solicitor in your area through the National Free Wills Network. Then just arrange an appointment to draw up your Will for free at a time that suits you.

England and Wales

Website: lawsociety.org.uk

Phone: 0870 6062555

Northern Ireland

Website: lawsoc-ni.org

Phone: No telephone enquiries

Isle of Man

Website: iomlawsociety.co.im

Phone: 01624 442910


 Website: lawscot.org.uk

Phone: 0131 2267411

Channel Islands

Website: jerseylawsociety.je

Phone: 01534 601700

Free Will-writing

You can use our free Will writing to write, change, or update your Will for free with a solicitor in your local area.
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