Cyclists riding @ Pedal to Paris 2022 - Day 4

In order to participate in the Royal British Legion Pedal to Paris, you must agree to the following conditions.

Please read this page carefully - it contains important information.

Entry Forms and Fees

  1. In return for a place on one of The Royal British Legion’s bike rides (hereinafter known as the RBL), each participant (hereinafter known as “the Participant”) must complete an entry form and pay the notified registration fee whether participating as an individual or in a team.
  2. On events that the registration fee is split between a deposit and balance the balance must be paid on the 1st June before the event. Failure to pay the balance on time may result in the Participant forfeiting the place on the chosen event.

Fundraising and Sponsorship

  1. All fundraising activity undertaken as part of the event must be for the benefit of the RBL’s vital work only.
  2. Participants may be asked to raise a minimum sponsorship amount as part of the participation in an event. If this is the case, the RBL will make this clear in the relevant event information and specify the sum needed to be raised. If Option B: Fundraise is chosen, 50% of the target must be raised by the 1st June or the Participant may forfeit their place on the chosen event.
  3. All funds raised for the RBL’s work shall be paid to the RBL as soon as is practical through an authorised online fundraising page (e.g., JustGiving) or sent to the RBL’s head office no later than two months after the last day of the event, marked for the attention of Mass Events, The Royal British Legion, 199 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1AA.
  4. Should the Participant have to cancel their place, all donations or sponsorship already paid to the RBL are non-refundable to the Participant. The RBL cannot issue refunds of money donated to anybody other than the individual that made the donation. If you wish to request a refund for supporters that donated to us either directly or via your choice of giving platform (i.e., Just Giving), then the individual who made the donation will have to contact us directly to request a refund.

Requesting a refund of a donation does not guarantee we will issue one. Each request will be considered in isolation, and we will only issue refunds if the request satisfies Charity Commission guidance.

Age of Participants

  1. For safety reasons all Participants must be aged over 18 at the start of the ride. Participants under the age of 18 at the start of the ride are subject to approval of the events team and they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  2. An accompanying adult must be registered to participate in the event as must any young person they are accompanying.
  3. Participants who are flagged by the event medics as being high risk may need to acquire permission from their GP to take part in the event. These participants will be contacted in advance of the ride to discuss if this is a requirement to take part.

Health and Fitness

  1. The events the RBL organise are physical and can be strenuous so Participants must ensure that they are sufficiently fit and healthy to participate in the event safely. See our online training zone for more tips on how to prepare.
  2. Participants who have any doubt about their health or have a medical condition that could be affected by exercise must provide a medical certificate from their doctor stating they are medically able to take part in the event before participating. We will contact participants who medics believe are high risk in advance of the ride.
  3. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the Participant confirms that they take full responsibility that they are sufficiently fit and healthy enough to safely participate in the event and for their personal well-being.
  4. In addition to the Participants needing to arrange their own travel insurance for events outside of the UK (United Kingdom) Participants also need to obtain a GHIC/EHIC Card which entitles the bearer to varying levels of treatment whilst in the EU. Full information can be obtained from official UK government website or the Post Office.


  1. All Participants take part in RBL events at their own risk. All Participants must ensure that any equipment or clothing used is in good condition and suitable for the event.
  2. All Participants must follow instructions from officials and marshals before, during and immediately after an event.
  3. All Participants acknowledge and agree that cycling on the highway is a dangerous activity. Whilst the RBL shall take steps to ensure that all events take place in a safe manner, Participants acknowledge and agree that as events often take place in public spaces the RBL cannot be held liable for any damage caused outside of its direct control.
  4. Participants must observe the rules of the Highway Code and obey the Rules of the Road.
  5. Participants acknowledge and agree the dangers associated with the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs before, during and after the event, understand this may impair judgement, motor skills, and take responsibility for any injury, loss or damage associated with the Participant’s consumption.
  6. Headphones are prohibited during the course of the ride for safety reasons and so that clear instructions can be heard any given time. For this reason, no musical equipment such as speakers may be attached to bikes.
  7. In afternoons/evenings after riding the decision to consume alcohol is solely at the discretion of each Participant. We would ask that Participants are conscious if drinking post riding if wearing RBL branded clothing that they should avoid behaving in a way which may cause damage to the reputation of the RBL.

Bicycles and Cycling Helmets

  1. All Participants must wear a cycle helmet during the event.
  2. A standard hybrid or road bike will be sufficient for the event’s needs. No mountain or fixed wheel bikes are allowed on the rides.
  3. E-bikes are permitted but there is a limited number that can be taken on the ride due to charging facilities. Participants must contact the event’s organisers to confirm permission to bring an e-bike. Participants with e-bikes are responsible for their own parts and for bringing their own adapters and charging points. Participants are also responsible for ensuring their bike is fully charged each evening.

Liability and Insurance

  1. Neither the RBL nor its agents or contractors shall be liable for any injury or accident-causing loss or damage to a Participant where this is sustained as a result of a Participant taking part in the event, save where this is a direct result of the actions or negligence of the RBL, its agents or contractors.
    • The RBL shall not be liable for any loss or damage sustained by a Participant as a result of: the cancellation of an event by the RBL for any reason; any changes made to an event by the RBL for safety or any other reasons; or any circumstances beyond the control of the RBL.
  2. Participants shall be responsible for arranging their own suitable and adequate insurance protection to cover their participation in an event, including, without limitation, cover for material loss/damage, insurance in respect of any equipment they may use in the event, personal property (including clothing), any loss or damage they may cause to a third party, medical expenses, death, injury, repatriation, cancellation and curtailment or negligence of any party. Participants must inform their insurer of the type of activity being undertaking.
  3. Each Participant is responsible for his/her actions whilst attending or participating in the event. This includes at the event start point, during the event and at the completion point. RBL accepts no responsibility for the actions of a Participant nor the consequences of such actions.

Withdrawal and Refunds

  1. If the participant cancels their place in the event the initial deposits / registrations are non-refundable.
  2. For registrations with a split deposit and balance payment, 50% of the balance payment may be refunded if the cancellation is made six weeks or more before the event. If the cancellation is made less than six weeks before the event, the balance is non-refundable.
  3. For registrations with an additional single room supplement, the single room supplement may be refunded if the cancellation is made three months or more before the event. 50% of the balance payment may be refunded if the cancellation is made between three months and six weeks of the event. If the cancellation is made less than six weeks before the event, the single room supplement is non-refundable.
  4. Registrations to participate in an event are non-transferable to another year. A Participant may transfer their registration to another individual for that year's event at the discretion of the RBL.

Cancellation and Changes to an Event

  1. In the event that the RBL is forced to cancel an event for any reason, we will notify all Participants as soon as possible. If the Participant wishes to claim a refund of the registration fee, we must be notified within 14 days of us sending the notification of the cancellation. If we do not receive a request for a refund, we will treat the registration fee as a donation to the work of the RBL.
  2. While the RBL endeavours to adhere to the itinerary provided there may be exceptional circumstances when this is not possible. The RBL reserves the right to alter the event details as required. If changes to the event date are made, the RBL shall update the event information and notify all Participants affected as soon as reasonably practicable. No refund in full or part shall be made in respect of any change to the event, subject to clause 3 below.
  3. In the event of a change of the event date, Participants will have the right within 14 days of receiving notice of this change to request a refund of their registration fee and withdraw from the event or to transfer their registration to a third party.

Travel and Accommodation

  1. Participants are responsible for all travel to the start point and from the end point of the chosen event unless otherwise stated in the event itinerary.
  2. Participants are responsible for any accommodation needed prior to the start of the event.
  3. For overseas events Participants must be in possession of a valid passport at the time of travelling. Participants must also have a valid visa if required.
  4. On multi-day events, unless a single room supplement is paid for at the time of application, accommodation will be on a shared basis. Participants will only be placed in a shared room with another person of the same gender. Should Participants wish to share with someone in particular, this should be specified on the entry form, and we will endeavour to meet their wishes but cannot guarantee this.
  5. or activities within the country. Participants should be aware that being unvaccinated may impact on their insurance for the trip and it is their responsibility to ensure they are covered.

Photos and Publicity

  1. Photographs and films will be taken throughout each event by the RBL and/or its contractors. All Participants consent to all and any use in any media by the RBL of any photographs and/or films in which they feature, and the parents or guardians of any Participants under 18 give consent in respect of their child(ren).
  2. All Participants and the parents or guardians of Participants under 18 acknowledge and agree that no payment will be made to any Participant for the use of any photographs or films in which they may feature.

Data Protection

  1. Each Participant agrees that information provided to the RBL in connection with events may be used by the RBL in accordance with prevailing data protection legislation.
  2. The RBL will use the information provided by Participants to manage the event and the Participants’ involvement in it. The RBL will keep the Participant up to date with RBL activities in accordance with their stated preferences. These preferences can be updated at any time.
  3. Participants will agree to provide emergency contact information when registering for an event, in addition to writing this information on the paper Participant Number where supplied.
  4. We reserve the right to pass all information provided by a Participant to any first aid organisation or medical provider (“Medical Provider”) attending and assisting at an event, for example, the St John’s Ambulance, for safety purposes. This is to enable the Medical Provider to: administer first aid in the event that a Participant suffers illness or injury during the event; and to contact the friends or relatives of a Participant, where necessary.
  5. Participants agree that any Medical Provider may provide the RBL with: the names of any Participant that they treat during the event together with details of the circumstances surrounding that treatment; and the name of any Participant who notifies the Medical Provider that they are withdrawing from an event due to ill health or otherwise.
  6. Your personal data may also be shared with other organisations in order to organise your transport and accommodation.

During the Event

  1. All Participants must abide by any instructions given by RBL, their employees or agents during an Event. Failure to follow any such instructions may result in RBL refusing to allow the Participant to continue in the Event.

Completion Times

  1. Some of our Events, may require Participants to reach certain points in the Event by certain times or require the Event to be completed in its entirety by a set time. If a Participant does not manage to keep up with any stage or completion times, RBL reserves the right to transport the participant to the next stop or refuse to allow the Participant to continue in the Event.

Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

  1. By completing the application form, the Participant is legally agreeing to the Terms and Conditions laid out above. If you are applying on behalf of the Participant, you must make sure they have read and understood the Terms and Conditions clearly.

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