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There are over 95,000 Serving Personnel and working age veterans with a Service-related injury in receipt of compensation.

Some of these veterans claim welfare benefits and the Royal British Legion wants to find out more about the impact of the current welfare benefits system on our veterans. If you are in receipt of Armed Forces compensations, and have applied for and/or receive welfare benefits, we want to hear from you.

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Veteran who won compensation after The Royal British Legion's successful Insult to Injury campaign

For some veterans who receive compensation for service-related injuries and rely on welfare benefits, the welfare system can present serious difficulties.

If you have experience of this, we want to hear from you. The survey closes on 15 September 2019
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Since 2012, benefits and welfare delivery has undergone significant change.

New benefits, additional requirements and assessment procedures have been introduced. However, there is little research on the impact of the post-2012 benefit system on injured veterans on service compensation schemes whose design predates the new system.

RBL wants to find out more about the issues that affect veterans who require support from the welfare system.

We have created a survey to better understand your experiences of the welfare system to help inform the report. The survey is anonymous, however if you would like to tell us more about your experiences, you can contact us on [email protected].

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