Veteran whose military compensation is no longer taken to cover his social care costs

Military compensation is no longer taken to cover injured veterans’ social care costs in Great Britain thanks to our successful campaign.

Veterans injured in Service before 5 April 2005 receive a War Disablement Pension in compensation. Yet, prior to April 2017, if these veterans had or developed social care needs, they found that most of their compensation was taken to pay for their care.

Military compensation is rightly exempt from other financial assessments for statutory benefits, including Universal Credit. In England and Wales, compensation awarded to veterans injured after 6 April 2005 is also exempt from financial assessments for social care support.

Keith's story

How our successful campaign helped Navy veteran Keith.
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What’s more, civilians who have been injured in the work place, and who receive personal injury compensation, are able to keep all of their award if they need help with their care.

We are pleased to say that our Insult to Injury campaign that called on the Government to ensure injured veterans in England, Scotland and Wales would no longer have to surrender most of their military compensation to pay for their social care, was successful.

Thank you

By contacting their MPs about this issue, our supporters were instrumental in persuading their Government to protect injured veterans’ compensation payments. Thank you to everyone who gave their support.

The new changes will make a huge difference to thousands of injured veterans.

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