Michael Bell knuckle tattoos

Badges of Belonging

Being part of the military is more than just a job. For serving personnel, it is their world. 

They live together, train together and fight together. The friendships made, the service given, and journeys taken all become a major part of their identity.

When joining a unit, they become part of a larger family that spans generations, each with its own history and traditions. 

Sam Bailey doing a pull up

Sam Bailey

Sam Bailey was fascinated with the military from an early age. He now serves as a Corporal in the Paras and his tattoos show the significant impact that joining this elite airborne regiment has had on his identity.
Sam's story

Many tattoos, such as those featuring cap badges, wings and other emblems, are a statement of a person’s identity, displaying their place in the ranks of their tribe.

Tattooed onto the skin, they are a permanent symbol of identity and belonging, even when the wearer is no longer in uniform.

Abby Winchester climbing

Abby Winchester

Joining the RAF at the age of 27, Abby had already had one successful career as a chef. But after ten years, she decided to get out of the kitchen and join the Armed Forces having always wanted to serve her country.
Abby's story

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