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Remember Together

For 2019, the Legion encourages everyone to 'Remember Together' to commemorate the service and sacrifice that many friends, allies, and Commonwealth nations made alongside Britain in defence of its freedoms, values, and way of life.


Indian troops pass bomb shattered buildings on the outskirts of Cassino town. Credit: ©IWM (NA 012895)

At the heart of 'Remember Together' are the British, Commonwealth and Allied armed forces, the men and women of the resistance, the secret services operatives, and the incalculable civilian support. Each of these accounts sheds new light on well-known events and gives us more insight into the service and sacrifices made by so many in so many ways.

RAF and WRAF fitters working on the engine of an aircraft at Gatow. The WRAF fitter, Corporal Fisher, thought nothing of working 16 hours if necessary and was decorated for her outstanding service.

RAF and WRAF fitters working on aircraft at Gatow during Berlin Blockade. Credit: ©IWM (HU 068630)

Accounts from those who were there, like these Royal Engineers crossing the Garigliano River south of Monte Cassino, shed new light on well-known events, giving us more insight into sacrifices made by so many. 

Remember Together: The Stories and Events

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