Jaguar ‘Poppy car’ en route to Race of Remembrance

A poppy branded Jaguar will feature at the annual motorsport endurance race.

Two Jaguar F-Types have been wrapped with poppies by a team of ex-Servicemen to mark the 2017 Poppy Appeal.

One car will be the official safety car for the Race of Remembrance in Wales on 10-12 November. The race, organised by Mission Motorsport, is an annual 12-hour endurance race which commemorates the sacrifices made by service personnel and their families.

The second car has been fixed to the outer wall of the main Jaguar factory - famous for building Spitfires and Lancaster Bombers in World War Two.

The cars were wrapped by a team of ex-servicemen, all of whom were discharged from service with physical and mental injuries. The wrap features the words from John McCrae's Poem 'In Flanders Fields' and large, red poppies.

James Cameron, CEO of Mission Motorsport, said: “The guys have done amazing work with this commission. They have all been profoundly affected by their military service and that depth of feeling is echoed in their work; a very personal statement of remembrance.

“The Race of Remembrance celebrates the 26 wounded, injured and sick who have entered second careers with Jaguar Land Rover through Mission Motorsport’s placement scheme. It also reflects the 750+ veterans who have found employment with Jaguar Land Rover since 2015.  “

Mission Motorsport - The Forces’ Motorsport Charity is part of the MoD's Career Transition Partnership and helps those leaving the military to find employment in the automotive industry. In its five years of operations, Mission Motorsport has delivered more than 4,000 training days of sport for 1400 beneficiaries, leading to over 230 placements and over 100 jobs.

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