Neil and son Ben

Supporting Neil and his son after bereavement

After the mother of Neil’s son sadly passed away, we stepped in to help him set up a new home. 

Neil met Nadine on a dating website whilst she was serving in the Army and looks back on their time together fondly: 

Neil and ex-partner Nadine at the birth of son Ben

"We got on amazingly well. She was a brilliant woman," says Neil. 

"I’ve always said, if I had my time over, I’d go back and do it all over again with Nadine. She was so structured and solid and brilliant."

Although their relationship ended, they remained connected through their son Ben.

Although their relationship ended, they remained connected through their son Ben.

In 2022 Nadine sadly passed away from cancer, with Ben initially living with his stepfather, before moving to live permanently with Neil. 

"Nadine was a devoted mother and is very much loved and sadly missed by her family and everyone who met or knew her," says Neil. 

Selfie photo of Neil and Ben

Nadine’s death came as a huge shock to Neil as well as their son Ben who is now 14-years-old. 

When his Mam passed away, it was a massive shock to him.

Due to the pandemic and subsequent cost of living crisis, Neil was struggling to find work which had a big impact on his financial security.  

And after contacting RBL for support, we helped Neil and Ben set up in their new home, providing Argos and Sports Direct vouchers, a tumble dryer and financial support for energy costs.

Neil with Ben as a toddler Neil stood with arm around Ben Neil and Ben on pier at lake

"It’s helped with everything," says Neil 

"And having someone so supportive as the Royal British Legion has been tremendous.

"I just want my son to have a fresh start in life. He’s lost his Mum and it is so difficult. And I just want him to have a new beginning.

"He’s an amazing kid and I’m very proud to have him."

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