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Use our fundraising ideas as inspiration to help you raise money virtually for The Royal British Legion.

From designing your own store cupboard menu to shaving your head for charity, there are lots of ways you can continue to raise funds online.

Refresh your routines

Give something up or try something out and ask for sponsorship.

Do you have a habit you’d like to break or a good habit you’d like to start up? Use this time to push yourself to finally do it (or stop doing it) in exchange for donations towards your fundraising.

Beating habits and adopting good ones can be both therapeutic and great for mental well-being. Not only will you feel better about yourself from doing this, you can raise money at the same time and get closer to your fundraising target.

  1. Choose your habit to give up or pick up and decide how long you’ll set the challenge for. Maybe you’re a serial snacker or want to run 1 mile every day.
  2. Post on all your social media accounts to let everyone know what you’re challenging yourself to do. Make sure you include a link to your online fundraising page so friends and family can sponsor your endeavour.
  3. Add your challenge into your work email signature so colleagues can show their support too

Design a menu from your store cupboard

Could you survive on tins and dry ingredients from your kitchen cupboards for a day? Using up these supplies and adding minimal fresh goods will test your ingenuity. Think of combinations of produce you might not usually put together. Challenge other people to join you and see who has the most inventive recipes.

  1. Plan your menu - think of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks throughout a normal day. Making sure tins and UHT products are still in date.
  2. Put these items in one cupboard so you’re not tempted to use other ingredients.
  3. Share your meal plan - it might give people ideas for using up ingredients and you can ask people to sponsor you for the strangest creation and send photos of the finished meals with links to your Justgiving page.

Shave your head for sponsorship

One of the oldest yet probably one of the most current fundraising ideas. As all the hairdressers and barbers are now closed,  offer one of your isolation companions the chance to be a hairdresser for the day and shave your hair off. Stream it live and ask friends and family to donate to your just giving page.

  1. Decide on the platform you're going to stream on - Skype, Zoom, Facetime, etc. Make sure everyone who you’re inviting knows how to use it.
  2. Invite your friends and family to the platform at the pre-decided time - 30 minutes should be long enough for them to have a good laugh at your expense.
  3. Choose your hair style, grade 0 all over or a Mohican are always good for effect.
  4. Friends and family can donate to your JustGiving Page.
Sponsored silence

Sponsored silence

Could you do a whole day of silence? Get friends and family to donate to this classic fundraising idea.

Sponsored silence

Get members of your isolation team to make sure you keep to your word and don’t say a word for the duration of your silence.

  1. Choose a day to complete your sponsored silence, preferably not when you have important work calls.
  2. Get everyone on board and let followers know before you start. Tell friends, family and work colleagues, passing your JustGiving page link on in the process.
  3. Begin your challenge keep people informed with how you get on, maybe by holding up signs on a live stream on social media posts. Remember to tell people why you’re doing it and the cause behind it.
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Virtual walk

Taking regular exercise is great for our fitness and well-being. Take part in a virtual walk and bring friends along for the journey whilst raising money for The Royal British Legion.

Virtual walk

Take photos on your regular walk to share these with friends or colleagues so they can experience your local environment with you. It will help you to notice things you might usually take for granted.

  1. Plan your route and consider where points of particular interest are - a church, natural beauty spot, unusual building or interesting graffiti.
  2. Add in some step climbs or hills, wildflowers or animal photos for added interest
  3. Don’t forget your camera, mobile phone or tablet.
  4. Share up to a dozen photos on your Facebook page and encourage others to do the same. It might start some new contact groups and friendships as a result. A fundraising link on the page will remind people that the Legion is still here helping throughout the current situation

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