Something for everyone

If you're struggling for virtual fundraising ideas, we have plenty of suggestions with something for everyone.

Live stream a silly challenge and ask for donations

Is there a silly challenge you’ve always wanted to take on but not had the time or the reason to do so? Live stream your attempt on Facebook - friends and family will be sure to get behind you and donate. 

As most of us are spending more time on social media right now, this is a great way of staying connected with your loved one, whilst having some fun at home and boosting your fundraising. 

  1. Decide on the challenge you want to set yourself and let your friends and family know what date and time you’ll be live streaming. Your challenge could be anything from the Bring Sally Up challenge, to cooking a meal with what’s left over in your fridge. 
  2. Complete your challenge on Facebook Live. Follow this guide on how to set up a Facebook live stream including adding a Donate Now button that let's people donate directly to The Royal British Legion. When you’ve completed your challenge, email [email protected] to let us know so we can make sure the funds are allocated to your fundraising total.

Take the challenge

Take challenge nominations over a set time period from friends and family in exchange for donations onto your JustGiving Page. Examples like I'll pay you £5 if you can do 50 press ups right now or I’ll donate if you eat the contents of the first tinned item in your cupboard are a great starting point. 

  1. Decide on the platform you're going to stream on - it could be Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Facebook Live, etc. Make sure everyone who you’re inviting knows how to use it. 
  2. Invite your friends and family to the platform at the pre-decided time. Around 30 minutes to one hour should be long enough for them to set you plenty of challenges. You can give them ideas like I’ll sing you a song if you donate £5
  3. Take as many nominations from your friends and family as you can in exchange for donations onto your JustGiving Page.

Promises for pounds

Break down your fundraising by setting smaller goals along the way to a larger fundraising target.

Promise to do a silly celebratory challenge or a favour for a friend when you reach each milestone. This will keep you motivated to reach the next step and you’ll be at your fundraising target in no time. It also gives friends and family an easy way of supporting your challenge.

  1. Decide what fundraising goals you’re going to set along the way to your total target
  2. Allocate a promise for each target. For example, when I reach £200, I’ll wear a pink wig for the first day back in the office.
  3. Share your online fundraising page with friends, family and colleagues. Let them know how close you are to hitting your next goal and what you promise to do when you reach it.
  4. When you reach each mini target send a thank you message to each of your sponsors and make sure you keep your promise!

Go back in time

Let’s go back in time to an era of your choice and relive those days as if you were really there. It’s a fun but challenging way to fundraise for the Royal British Legion.

  1. Pick a time in history which you could recreate at home. For example, in the 40s you could spend the day on rations, dress in 40s clothes, use appliances that they only had in this era, play music by Vera Lynn or do a screening of a 40s film.
  2. Let people know what you’re doing and get them to donate as you relive your day back in time.
  3. You could live stream your day, take photos or short video clips and post it on your social media along with your Just Giving page.

Donate your commute

If you’re working from home, use the money that would have covered the cost of your commute to top up your JustGiving page. Even a percentage of the travel cost would be a simple way to boost to your fundraising. Friends, family or colleagues might even choose to do the same.

  1. Select what percentage of your weekly travel cost you would like to donate to your JustGiving page.
  2. Make the donation once a week or month to your page - you might want to set a reminder on your phone so you don't forget.
  3. Share what you are doing and why you are doing it on social media or in WhatsApp groups. You might be surprised how many take your lead!

Save £1 a day

A super easy way to boost your fundraising whilst in isolation is to simply put £1 aside every day whilst we’re in lockdown and donate your total at the end.

You won’t notice the small saving every day - it’s less than buying your regular daily coffee. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the final figure!

  1. If you have change, find a money pot or similar object and put it on your bed-side table, to remind you each morning to pop £1 in the jar.
  2. At the end of lockdown, take your savings to the bank, pay in your funds and call us on 0333 011 4500 to donate.

If you don’t carry cash, set a reminder on your phone to self-donate £1 onto your online fundraising page every day - if it’s easier simply donate £7 per week.

Garden with wheelbarrow

Garden Challenges

Use your own outdoor space to get creative with your fundraising ideas.

Garden camp-out

Fed up of the same four walls every night? If you own a tent you could camp outdoors in your garden and invite people to follow your adventures for the evening.

  1. Let friends and family know when you plan to do it - they might be tempted to join you in their own gardens. Ask people to donate for each night you "survive" the British elements. Stick to that evening whatever the weather!
  2. Add some challenges for fun - for an additional donation record a campfire song, wear something comical or eat food from natures larder that you can find in the garden
  3. Do short recordings or regular photos as the evening unfolds. It could be fun to share a vision of setting up camp, food preparation, getting comfortable/uncomfortable, waking up in the night to noisy neighbours or to the birds in the morning.
  4. Share your Justgiving page to accept donations for ‘surviving’.

Garden assault course

Set up a garden assault course and encourage everyone in your household to keep active. You’re sure to have a lot of fun, get some great exercise in, and even raise some money towards your fundraising target.

  1. Find a suitable space, preferably in your garden but you could do it inside, as long as you have an area that you can clear of all unsafe obstacles!
  2. Set up your assault course. Get creative with the obstacles, use a pile of books to jump over or a garden chair or table to crawl underneath.
  3. Get the whole household involved. You could even take the challenge one step further and take part in fancy dress.
  4. Each person completes the assault course as quickly as possible. Use a stop-watch to time each player.
  5. Post a video of your challenge, including the winner, to your social media pages. Make sure to mention that you’re raising money for RBL and include a link to your online fundraising page for people to donate.

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