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Run 26 Miles in June

Ready for a brand-new fitness challenge this Summer? Sign up to Run 26 Miles in June.

Completing 26 miles in a month sounds like a lot but you can complete the challenge however you like – whether that’s a few miles a day or by saving up your miles for an epic weekend run. Put in the miles at the gym, at the park or on a run around town, it’s up to you!  

Take part to support our Armed Forces community.

Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Join the Run 26 Miles in June Facebook group
  2. Register for your FREE RBL tech t-shirt and to set up your fundraising page on Facebook
  3. Share your page with friends and family

Your fundraising could help provide emergency accommodation for a veteran in need, food vouchers for a family facing financial hardship, or training for Admiral nurses to provide specialist support and care for a veteran living with dementia.

What’s included?

  • Membership to a dedicated Facebook group where you’ll find encouragement and support throughout the challenge from an amazing online community.
  • A FREE RBL tech t-shirt when you register.
  • A mile tracker, sponsorship form and totaliser poster in your registration pack.
  • An RBL medal when you hit £150 in fundraising


How do I get started?

The first step is to is join our Facebook Group. Follow this link to join today. In the group you’ll be able to get tips, support and encouragement on the challenge.

How do I fundraise?

The best way is to fundraise through a Facebook Fundraiser. You can set one up here.

How do I find my Facebook fundraising page?

You can find your fundraising page by going to www.facebook.com/fundraisers/manage

Can I use JustGiving to fundraise?

We recommend using Facebook to fundraise for this challenge. But if you do need an alternative, you can fundraise by setting Run 50 miles in January fundraiser here. Whatever tool you choose to fundraise with, don’t forget to join our supportive Facebook group!

Can I be sponsored by someone who is not on Facebook?

If someone wants to donate to your challenge and doesn’t have Facebook, the best thing is to collect their donation offline. You can then donate it directly to your fundraiser yourself.

How should I track my miles?

You can track your miles however works best for you. Use an app like Strava or use our exclusive mile tracker which you’ll receive in your welcome pack alongside your challenge t-shirt. You can also access a digital version in the ‘files’ section of the Facebook group.

Is there a Strava group for the challenge?

Yes! We now have an RBL Strava group. You can join it here.

I’m not able to complete 26 miles, can I still take part?

Yes! The challenge is suitable for everyone to take part in. When you sign up to the event you can adapt the challenge to what suits you best – whether that’s changing the goal to 26km, 13 miles or doing your 26 miles by walking, cycling, or even swimming!

How will my fundraising make a difference?

We’ve been supporting the Armed Forces community for over 100 years and will continue to do so as long as we’re needed. Your fundraising will go towards the area of most need providing emergency accommodation for a veteran in need, food vouchers for a family facing financial hardship or training for Admiral nurses to provide specialist support and care for a dementia patient.

Is there a minimum fundraising amount?

No, any and all fundraising supports our work and will go towards vital services. If you reach £150 fundraised, you’ll receive an RBL medal to mark your achievement.

How do I claim my free RBL tech t-shirt?

You can claim your free RBL tech t-shirt by registering for Run 26 Miles in June here.

How do I qualify for an RBL medal?

When you raise £150 on your Facebook Fundraiser you will qualify for an RBL medal as a thank you from us for your hard work and support.

Can I have some ideas to help get started with my fundraising?

The first thing to do to get going with your fundraising is to set up a Facebook fundraiser here. Then share the link to your fundraiser on your Facebook, Instagram or any other social media accounts you have.

Take a selfie in your challenge RBL tech t-shirt when it arrives and share your fundraising page again to show everyone that you’re ready to take on your 26 miles.

Throughout January make sure you keep your friends and family updated with how your challenge is going, take some photos out on your runs and share why you’ve chosen to fundraise for RBL.

What fundraising resources are available to me?

There are lots of fundraising resources to support you. You’ll receive fundraising tools in the post including a sponsorship form and totaliser poster alongside your challenge t-shirt. We also have a ton of downloadable resources available here. You’ll receive emails from us throughout your challenge with top tips and advice to help your fundraising, and if there is anything else you need from us you can contact us on [email protected] or call us on 0345 845 1945.

How long will my fundraising page stay open for?

Your Facebook Fundraiser page will stay open until 15th July 2024 when it will automatically close.

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