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Find out more about our jam-packed eight day itinerary during your Arctic Survival Challenge.

Day 1: London to Sweden

Travel from a UK airport direct to Northern Sweden (Ostersund in Jamtland). Upon arrival at Ostersund we'll meet our friendly Swedish team, before travelling for one hour by minibus to a cosy log cabin near Raftlaven. The cabin is wonderfully rustic with no electricity; just a wood burner, a basic kitchen, dining table and beds. We'll then spend the evening settling in ready for tomorrow’s activities.

Day 2: Cross-country skiing

After a warm breakfast you'll be allocated a buddy for the week, before we venture out to explore the surroundings on cross country skis and snow shoes, following tracks through the forest and along by the frozen river. Later that evening it's back to the cabin for dinner before heading out again to start building the snow hole which will be our home for one night later in the week. No experience is needed for cross-country skiing or snow shoes - you'll learn how to use them on the day!

Day 3: Husky sledding

After breakfast, the husky dogs arrive at our cabin and we create a track for you to race the dogs through. After a short briefing, each person takes control of their own dog team for a magical ride through the frozen forest. A delicious hot lunch and coffee is served up Swedish style over an open fire outside which has fabulous views across the landscape. Then it's back to the cabin for dinner as you would have built up an appetite before heading out to add more snow to the snow hole.

Day 4: Snowmobile safari

Get ready for an exhilarating and challenging ride! After an early breakfast, we'll take the minibus for one hour to the start of our snowmobile safari. After an important safety brief, we'll get into pairs and set off to a nearby frozen lake to practice handling these powerful machines. Once everyone is happy we'll head off through the forest and up into the mountains for a 70km ride. We'll enjoy some breath-taking views from the mountain top - on a clear day there is a magnificent view all the way out to Norway.

We'll stop for lunch on the way back down, either out in the wilds or at a mountain hotel. After lunch, we'll swap drivers in our pairs for the journey back. The safari lasts approximately six hours, but if you'd like to drive for the whole journey an individual snowmobile is available at an additional cost at the time of rental.

Once we arrive back at the cabin, preparations will begin for the survival phase! We'll pack our bags with all the essentials for the following three days and nights, before heading out on skis into the darkness. We'll erect a traditional Scandinavian tent complete with a log burner before cooking up our first night's rations. During the night, we'll take it in turns with our buddy to stoke up the log burner to keep us comfortable.

Day 5: Shelter building

Today we'll be working hard to build a shelter using the surrounding trees to construct a framework and thatch the roof. Inside the shelter, we'll dig a shallow trench in the centre for a fire. Once we've finished building it'll be time to light the fire and move in before settling down for dinner. During the night we'll take it in turns with our buddy to keep watch over the fire as we did the previous night.

Day 6: Snow hole

Today we'll continue to construct and finish the snow hole, tunnelling into it with spades and ice axes to carefully carve a domed ceiling. Two to three entrances will be made, along with a ski pole in the roof for ventilation. Inside the snow hole, it's a cosy, relatively warm 0 degrees Celsius. We'll spend the night taking turns with our buddy, but this time for candle watch. Placing candles in the snow hole not only gives light, but also indicates that sufficient oxygen is present inside.

Day 7: Final day

This morning we'll have breakfast in the snow hole before skiing back to the cabin. With the survival phase complete, it's time for some relaxation! Spend the morning skiing or ice fishing before hopping into the hot tub in the afternoon. There is also a traditional sauna heated with a log burner to help you relax and unwind after your survival challenge. We'll finish the experience with a celebratory dinner in the cabin, cooked for us by our Swedish colleagues. 

Day 8: Time to head home

Today we'll depart from our challenging week and head back to the UK. 

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