Our Manifesto

This document marks the first time the Royal British Legion have produced a manifesto in response to the election of the Mayor of the West Midlands. This manifesto contains six key asks, focused on policy areas over which the Mayor, and the combined authority they lead, has either direct powers or considerable influence.

We believe that by considering and implementing the contents of our manifesto the next Mayor, in partnership with local authorities and others, can improve the lives of the Armed Forces community in the West Midlands in a tangible and lasting way.

West Midlands Mayoral Manifesto 2021

Key policy changes that would help support the Armed Forces community

Download the West Midlands Mayoral Manifesto 2021

RBL believes that the next Mayor of the West Midlands should:

  • Appoint an advocate for the Armed Forces community at the Combined Authority level, empowering them to challenge local authorities, public bodies and business, and to lead and champion good practice.
  • Enable veterans and the wider Armed Forces community to access and benefit from the widest range of employment and re-training options possible.
  • Support and champion the role of Reservists within the West Midlands, ensuring their unique and valued contribution to the community is recognised by public services and employers throughout the region.
  • Introduce a concessionary travel scheme for veterans in receipt of compensation as a result of their Service.
  • Coordinate the provision of integrated health care to the Armed Forces community within the West Midlands.
  • Implement a consistent approach across the region in the provision of housing and housing advice to the Armed Forces community.

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